What are Lidl/Aldi cereals like?

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Lottie4 Tue 24-Feb-15 10:53:42

I buy a few things from Lidl and Aldi when passing. Can anyone let me know if they think Lidl and Aldi cereals are as good as well known brands or say Tescos own brand. Do you have any recommendations?

DH reckons we'll be able to tell the difference.

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Ginrummy Tue 24-Feb-15 10:57:31

Their version of Special K is fine and has less sugar. Not tried any others sorry.

Ginrummy Tue 24-Feb-15 10:58:41

Sorry didn't say, Aldi Special K.

mrsnoon Tue 24-Feb-15 11:01:23

I get Aldi bran flakes, I think they're just as good as the Asda brand ones I used to buy. We also get Aldi's budget version of Weetabix for my 4 year old, theyre slightly smaller than regular ones and take a bit longer to soak the milk up but other than that they're fine.

SunnyBaudelaire Tue 24-Feb-15 11:02:47

LIDL rice krispies are really good value and just like the real ones.

sliceofsoup Tue 24-Feb-15 11:05:25

I prefer Lidls cereals now. We have tried Honey balls, choco moons, muesli, nougat pillows, their version of cocoa pops, their version of cheerios and choc cheerios.

All lovely.

TheJiminyConjecture Tue 24-Feb-15 11:09:27

Nougat pillows from Lidl are amazing! DD really likes their honey hoops. Their version of crunchy nut cornflakes aren't quite as good as Kellogs but nicer than any of the other own brand versions.


SmileAndNod Tue 24-Feb-15 11:10:53

I generally just buy lidl cereal now. Their special k is much nicer, as is their granola. Children haven't noticed the difference at all (I decant into lock & lock).

d0ttyne11 Tue 24-Feb-15 11:14:38

Another vote for Lidl Special K. It's excellent. In fact. I'd go for any of their 'adult' cereals (muesli and bran ones)

Suttonmum1 Tue 24-Feb-15 11:18:20

Lidl Muesli (esp the one in the blue bags) is fantastic. Not too sugary, lots of fruit / nuts, so much that we sometimes dilute it down with some Lidl oats which are also v. good and cheap. Recently tried Lidl's shreddies equivalent and they are fab too.

We save the chocolate ones for holidays.

chocolatereindeer Tue 24-Feb-15 11:21:31

Lidl have nice muesli but we've not tried anything else from there as 'value' range porridge oats, cornflakes, etc are cheaper in the big supermarkets. I should say - don't buy value weetabix from anywhere as it's very cardboard-y.

Lidl are excellent for fruit, veg, nuts and you should try their garlic flavoured cream cheese I think it's called Crefee, 'tis lush smile

SmileAndNod Tue 24-Feb-15 11:24:47

Oh and don't forget their Greek yoghurt for breakfast too. That is far too scrummy for its own good!

NimpyWWindowmash Tue 24-Feb-15 11:26:39

Lidl cereals popular in this house.

MiniZilla Tue 24-Feb-15 11:29:15

The individual porridge sachets are nice, especially the golden syrup ones.

Bambinho Tue 24-Feb-15 11:41:00

I think the crunchy nut cornflakes are very good, indistinguishable from Kellogg's. Will give the Special K a go now on these recommendations. .

Adarajames Tue 24-Feb-15 11:52:08

I love ALDI muesli, and their exotic fruit one is wheat free which is bonus for me, I actually find it has too much fruit and have to 'water it down' with oats as pp said

specialsubject Tue 24-Feb-15 12:56:22

I like the Aldi luxury muesli, although himself finds it has too many crunchy bits.

Lottie4 Tue 24-Feb-15 14:45:48

I will give some ago then. We always have about four boxes on the go, so it's good to get lots of recommendations.

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CanToCandle Tue 24-Feb-15 14:49:24

Good, except none of them have the added vitamins, niacin etc that Kellogg's etc do

annielostit Tue 24-Feb-15 16:35:57

The lidl oat honey & almond granola is great, got big crunchy bites, I even covered some in chocolate. the mini shredded wheat & weetabix are no different.

chanie44 Tue 24-Feb-15 19:36:51

The wetabix and cornflakes in lidl isn't very nice. The rice crispies are fine. The chocolate oat crunch from lidl is lovely, much better than aldi.

SlinkyB Tue 24-Feb-15 19:44:32

Love Lidl muesli, didn't like their Weetabix at all. Bran flakes are good; I sprinkle some of their trail mix or tropical mix (dried fruit) on top to make a sort of Fruit and Fibre sometimes.

Madamecastafiore Tue 24-Feb-15 19:48:24

We have Aldi shreddies, shredded wheat and Cheerios (chocolate and regular version) and wouldn't be able to tell the difference from Kellogg's/Nestle.

Their Granola, the one with coconut and tropical fruits in is to die for.

DeathMetalMum Tue 24-Feb-15 19:54:11

We don't like Aldi shreddies, but their instant porridge/ready break, rice crispies, weetabix and cherrios are all eaten in this house.

Cherrychocolate Tue 24-Feb-15 19:55:46

We love Aldi cereals. The bite size 'shredded wheat' with the golden syrup is delicious. Their little packs of porridge are really good too.

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