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Need to vent

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sallyst123 Wed 21-Jan-15 06:25:23

Hi all hope you don't mind. I just need to get my worries out.
I am so stressed this month. I know it's the same for everyone esp this month of the year, we have just got over Xmas, new year then we have 3 birthdays in January, the car is broken, my hours at work have just dropped. As a family we just about manage by shuffling bills around every month but it's getting harder & harder.
We are massively in debt to water company we got some advice from step change to take out a debt relief order then after a year the bill would be scrapped.
I would rather make an offer payment pm.we have no savings
Kids have school trips needing paying for
Work is unbelievable stressful right now & I just feel like my head or chest is going to explode with everything I'm trying to balance.
I can't talk to my dc because he gets cross if I get to stressed around him (o think cause it's all just done & delt with he doesn't why I get so upset) sorry for post I just need to breath

JontyDoggle37 Wed 21-Jan-15 06:41:13

Sally it clearly isn't all done and dealt with, especially your work stress. Can you sit down with him and instead of just talking about money explain you are feeling overwhelmed because of work and money and etc and just need a hug? Can you bring him into it by asking him for ideas on how you could maybe tackle your other areas of anxiety (you may well have ideas already, but it would help him feel included and like there is a real problem to be solved). And maybe talk about short and long term plans - I.e. 'I know we've managed ton eat the after bill issue sorted now, but we're obviously still having problems paying all the other bills - what do you think we should do long term t decrease outgoings/increase income?'. Maybe that way you can get into a helpful, positive conversation?
And welcome on here to vent any time smile

JontyDoggle37 Wed 21-Jan-15 06:42:47

'To eat the after bill' should say 'to sort the water bill', sorry!

Chottie Wed 21-Jan-15 06:43:03

Hello I didn't want to read and run......

I am no expert, but just a few suggestions.....

School trips, could you speak to the school secretary and see if there are any additional funds which could help pay towards the cost of the trips?

Birthday presents - could you just give a card and explain things are a bit tight this month?

If your DCs are teenagers could they get a paper round to earn some money? or babysit?

Can you sit down with DP and look at all your bills and prioritise payments? Contact all companies and arrange a manageable payment plan to give you some breathing space

Is there anything you could sell on ebay?

Regarding work, is the drop in hours short term or permanent?

I hope life improves very soon flowers

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