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going to hang out in my mum's nursing home rather than turn on the heating at home ...

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kitnkaboodle Tue 20-Jan-15 12:33:54

It's just so cosy there! We have to economise desperately through Jan and Feb and I work at home.

Heating comes on 6.30-8.30 and house stays pretty warm til 10. Comes on again 4pm-6pm, by which time I'm cooking as well so it all gets pretty toasty after that. Log burner gets lit after dinner - lovely.

It just from 10-4 that it's bloody freezing at the moment. I have to work in a different room to the log burner, so that's not a solution. I am actually planning my days at the moment so that I work in the mornings and then do any visiting/shopping etc in the afternoon, just so I can get out of the house!!

It's calor gas as we are rural and not on mains ... roll on the spring. Nursing home here I come

Mrsmorton Tue 20-Jan-15 12:35:53

I expect she'll relish the company. I just used to sit next to my grandma and knit or read, she loved the visits even though we didn't talk for much of it, the companionship was really important for her.

kitnkaboodle Tue 20-Jan-15 13:18:19

Yes, everyone's a winner, I guess! I may have to dig out the fingerless gloves tomorrow ... then I will actually look like Scrooge ...

Ememem84 Tue 20-Jan-15 13:45:08

omg. DH has programmed the rads in our house. and taken the control to work with him (we're trying to save money and i was having heating on all day...naughty)

am going to do some baking - to warm the house up a bit. and may dig out the sewing machine to make a draft snake for the door/window.

kitnkaboodle Tue 20-Jan-15 15:33:56

Yes, another part of our economy drive is to make as many cakes/biscuits as possible rather than buy them and have our sons eat them all on the day they get bought. Now everyone's a winner. We save money on bought food AND I get an excuse to have the oven on.

It's time consuming but I have to say (and it's a bit of a cliche) that we are eating better and more wholesomely on a budget than in our previous lives! Liver and bacon hotpot tonight, probably with apple crumble too - in that way I get to put the main oven on - treats!

I seriously recommend nursing homes! Like I say - it's win-win. We get to seriously warm up for an hour or two and they get more visitors!

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