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need help. dryers broken.

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IloveOreossx Thu 11-Dec-14 22:48:32

My dryer has completely broken down sad the bloody washing machine broke two days ago and since then I've been doing the washing by hand. The thing is partner has 3 job interviews tomorrow (see my previous thread, basically he's in the worlds crappest job and is paid a pittance so were really struggling) we cant afford to have the heating on maximum (takes a pound of electric per hour or so we only have 1,95 on the metre). Partner has no clean and decent clothes for tomorrow and were on borrowed time. In order to make it to interview in time we will need to be out of the house by 7;15 tomorrow AM (were in blaina, interviews in stoke on Trent, long story but we'll be relocating). I'm now crapping my pants sad how am I going to get his clothes washed and dried for the morning!? Help!?

Blondie1984 Thu 11-Dec-14 22:51:05

Umm hair dryer?

Blondie1984 Thu 11-Dec-14 22:51:37

Or could he borrow from a friend?

furcoatbigknickers Thu 11-Dec-14 22:53:18

As above or wear them damp, they will dry. Oh and iron themif enoughu leccy. Good lyck!

ishouldcocoaHoHoHoHoHo Thu 11-Dec-14 22:53:47

I'd wrap his stuff around the radiators, put the rads on for half an hour, and let the heat gently dry them.

bobs123 Thu 11-Dec-14 22:54:32

Well presumably you have already hand washed the clothes, knowing he has his interviews. Either have the heating on and turn all the thermostats off on the radiators except for one and use that to dry the clothes. A hair dryer can be used but will short out if held too close. I usually iron clothes dry that are still a bit damp. Just get the hand washed clothes as dry as poss first - swing them round outside etc

JustMuddlingBobBobBobbingAlong Thu 11-Dec-14 22:55:45

Hand wash and then iron through a towel. Hang up to dry overnight. Seams might still be a bit damp, but should do the trick. Good luck Mr ILoveOreossx.

IloveOreossx Thu 11-Dec-14 23:01:12

Have put them up on a clothes horse and using portable heater to dry them as it takes less electric (about 19p per hour. Its great) thanks all for the ideas smile xxx

ClartyYakker Thu 11-Dec-14 23:02:43

In what way are they not clean? If you have an empty (or nearly empty) spray bottle you can use/empty fill it with warm water and a shot of fabric conditioner, or washing up liquid at a push. Spray any stains 'deeply' (nozzle close, make it damp enough to spread/remove the stain) and rub with a towel. lightly mist everywhere else until dampish and iron and leave to dry. Good deodorant tomorrow and a clean shave. No one will know any different.

IloveOreossx Thu 11-Dec-14 23:04:26

They were stinking (dont ask lol he's a mechanic-.-) so I had to wash them and they're the only clothes he doesn't have that aren't ripped our stained beyond repair, id already washed them when i went to dry them (and then the dryer died on me!-.-) xx

elephantspoo Sat 13-Dec-14 03:32:40

Buy extra clothes horses, wash you clothes in a timely manner (lost of little washes), and hand them up around the house. If you go back to hand washing and drying your clothes, you may save yourself a few hundred quid a year, but hand washing takes a lot of getting used to.

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