Iceland Mince pies

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serin Fri 07-Nov-14 18:57:39

Saw in the newspaper that these mince pies came out top in an independent taste test (beating Harrods, Marks and Waitrose IIRC)

£1.50 for six (These are the luxury version, Not to be confused with their other even cheaper ones).

Well, I love a mince pie. so I bought a box to try them out and I can confirm that they are indeed gorgeous! smile

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ismellonehugerat Fri 07-Nov-14 22:43:13

Do you work for Iceland then?

Captainweasel Fri 07-Nov-14 23:01:24

I bought some today (and accidentally fell over and they ended up in my mouth. The whole box) Amazing.

Has anyone bought the £5 lobster? I read want to know if it's an actual lobster????

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 08-Nov-14 07:34:08

I'd heard the iceland ones won too, lidl usually does very well in the smoked salmon tests.

I've looked at the lobsters, they are quite small.

Lushlush Tue 11-Nov-14 07:00:50

I bought the 12 for £1.50 they weren't very good, will try the luxury ones.
Aldi ones usually very good.

NorwaySpruce Tue 11-Nov-14 07:06:35

I'm sure shops just sponsor these taste tests, and keep going until 4 out of seven people (or pick your own sample size!) say theirs are best grin

Depending on the ad piece you read, you'll hear that Asda/Tesco/Aldi/Greggs came out top.

I like the little ones from Sainsbury's bakery myself fgrin

serin Tue 11-Nov-14 11:28:22

No bias Ismellonehugerat, I work for the NHS!

Just love mince pies and I agree that the mini ones in Sainsbury are also excellent, in fact I started a thread about them some years ago!

(and FWIW I shop half and half in Aldi and Waitrose).

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HSMMaCM Tue 11-Nov-14 11:30:33

Captain weasel do you fall over like that much grin

MsAspreyDiamonds Sat 15-Nov-14 13:37:15

Try making your own with a jar of Waitrose cranberry mincemeat. Really lovely & not as sickly sweet as traditional mincemeat.

serin Sun 16-Nov-14 20:26:36

I will look out for that MsAsprey!

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cozietoesie Tue 25-Nov-14 19:20:31

My mother used to make hers half and half stewed cooking apple and mincemeat, Ms Asprey. Moist, yummy and not cloyingly sweet. (Probably much cheaper as well.)

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