Fleece lining curtains- a non flammable alternative?

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legitsuperhero Tue 04-Nov-14 09:02:49

It's getting colder now and I am determined to line my pathetic bedroom curtains this year. Cheap fleece from Ikea is an obvious route but the molten plastic at the windows in the event of a fire is a worry...

I had thought I saw some fire retardant fleece material online from a UK based company a few months ago but I can't seem to find it again. Has anyone seen this or have any opinions on using it?

Alternatively any less flammable material that would do a decent job?

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MadMonkeys Tue 04-Nov-14 11:37:13

A flame retardant curtain lining?


TheSpottedZebra Tue 04-Nov-14 11:40:41

Wool is less flammable - could you scour your charity shops for old woollen blankets and use them? They'd be heavier though.

legitsuperhero Tue 04-Nov-14 18:51:28

Remembered I had an ancient lanaircell blanket in the loft actually and have hung that up over the curtains as a test tonight before I embark on the work grin Think my mum has more so this could be my solution. It is heavy though so hoping the spindly rail holds up. Thanks both smile

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