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Sunnydays999 Sun 19-Oct-14 16:39:43

How much milk do ur family get through . I have 2 dc one a teen . Between them and hubby they drink approx 3-4 a day .
I didn't think this was that much fora family ?what do urs get through

addictedtosugar Sun 19-Oct-14 18:23:32

We get through very little.
Me - nigh on none. DH couple of cups of tea a day, DS1, drink with breakfast and occasional porridge or cereal, DS2 nigh in none.
Occasional pancakes / toad in the hole, white sauce for cooking.
4-6 pints a week.

LizzieMint Sun 19-Oct-14 18:28:05

Over a week we have 6 pints delivered and use probably another 5-6 litres of uht milk. That works out at about 2 - 2.5 pints a day. There's 5 of us but 1 dc never has it and DH is away half the week.

kimlo Sun 19-Oct-14 18:28:12

I have 2 pints delivered 3 times a week. Sometimes we need to pick up a bit more over the weekend but not very often.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 19-Oct-14 19:52:10

Just me & dh, I'm allergic to milk so a ltr of soya for me & same for dh proper milk.

I don't really agree with modern farming methods, calves being killed for being male etc so I'm not keen to buy lots of cows milk products.

OnlyWantsOne Sun 19-Oct-14 19:53:46

4 pints a DAY

I work from home and love tea.
3 dc, 2 of which drink warm milk twice a day
All eat cereal or porridge
Plus we cook with it etc

ilovepowerhoop Sun 19-Oct-14 20:00:07

hardly any. A 2pint carton lasts just under a week here

Timeforabiscuit Sun 19-Oct-14 20:01:32

12 pints - 2 adults and 2 primary school

madamginger Sun 19-Oct-14 20:07:51

3 DC plus 2 adults and we get through 4 pints a DAY! hmm
5 lots of cereal in the morning, endless cups of tea for me and then the kids still have a cup of milk each at bedtime.

Passthecake30 Sun 19-Oct-14 20:14:23

8 pints a week, dp and 2dcs, one that won't touch milk. ..but I make pancakes and Yorkshires once a week. I have a bit of a cereal and hot chocolate habit and osteoporosis running thru family so I don't scrimp.

iwantgin Sun 19-Oct-14 20:15:26


If we are having visitors who take milk in tea or coffee then I'll go and buy a pint.

I hate it ( child of the 70s with the claggy warm school milk)

We drink black coffee amd tea. Barely eat cereal. If muesli then I havee a small amount of natural yogurt. DH haa porridge made with water.

I don't like the tastr of milk. Or the way that the dairy industry is run
Plus it isn't good for you as we have been told.

confusedandemployed Sun 19-Oct-14 20:22:32

7-8 pints a week. Milk in my coffee, cereal for all of us, mill to drink for DD and that's it. I drink a LOT of coffee though.

OttiliaVonBCup Sun 19-Oct-14 20:23:45

A pint once a while when I need some nor baking or cooking.

GotToBeInItToWinIt Sun 19-Oct-14 20:26:40

About a pint of semi skimmed a week for me and DH (neither have cereal or milk as a drink, I use it for coffee and DH in his scrambled egg). One pint a week of full fat for 11 month old DD (in cheese sauce, porridge etc).

Boardingbabe Mon 20-Oct-14 14:19:49

None here, only almond or soya milk. If you read 'The China Study' it would put you off for life!

CatsCantTwerk Mon 20-Oct-14 14:21:16

We get through 4-6 pints a day here.

Madmog Tue 21-Oct-14 11:32:56

I buy four pints semi and four pints skimmed over about a nine day cycle, so for us just under a pint a day. This is for two adults and one teenager. As my DD has different to us, if hers is on the sell by date and isn't going to get used, then the cats normally get some!!

Theselittlelightsofmine Tue 21-Oct-14 11:34:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QuiteQuietly Wed 22-Oct-14 20:12:06

Two adults, 3 primary-aged DC. I buy one 4-pinter a week and that is usually enough. I have an emergency pint in the freezer, but we tend to go without if the big bottle has finished. We used to use tons on cereal, but now we've gone medieval on breakfast so porridge made with water or eggs, toast and occasional bacon or kippers. Pancakes on posh days. So much cheaper. Not just the saving on milk, or processed cereal but just losing the "top-up shop" to get extra milk midweek (and buying additional jumble). DC drink milk and have it in hot chocolate, DH has it in tea, occasional splash in cooking/baking.

Funkytown Wed 22-Oct-14 20:14:00

2 adults teenager 6yo and baby here we use 6pints although baby uses soy so doesn't count

Redglitter Wed 22-Oct-14 21:03:17

I get through 1 or 2 pints a day on my own. Love milk. Usually drink at least a pint a day

enWoooquethesythebearingwizard Wed 22-Oct-14 21:10:43

We use very little.
Intensive dairy farming and welfare really concern me, so I buy organic milk from a local farm. It's expensive, but we don't consume much so the relative cost is very low.

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 22-Oct-14 21:13:08

None. We use Alternatives here. Milk is vile

WaltzingWithBares Sat 25-Oct-14 11:49:03

I don't really agree with modern farming methods, calves being killed for being male etc so I'm not keen to buy lots of cows milk products.

Can I just say that we are in (organic) dairying, and we definitely do not kill our calves at birth. We keep them until they are just under a year old - at grass in the summer - or in large open-sided sheds with plenty of warm deep straw in the winter. They have a natural diet of milk for the first three months, then grass or grass-products (hay or silage) depending on the season. We then sell them as organic rose veal. They are older than most lamb and pork that you buy in the supermarkets at that age.

I know folks may not want to buy much milk for whatever reason, but please don't not buy it because of doubts about animal-welfare standards. A lot of the anti-dairying hype you hear for example on FB is US intensive-dairying based.

If in doubt, buy organic!

<climbs off soapbox>

WaltzingWithBares Sat 25-Oct-14 11:49:40

*male calves

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