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Can anyone help me with mobile broadband deals please?

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Krakken Fri 12-Sep-14 21:31:58

I've got a friend who's got herself into a lot of debt. She's racking up £60 a month phone bill because of her internet usage. She doesn't have a landline and has bad credit.
I'd like to help her out and pay for a dongle for a few months.
Would that be the best way or is there another way I could pay for broadband for her?

Krakken Sat 13-Sep-14 09:40:54

Seeing if a bump will help...

Charlesroi Sat 13-Sep-14 10:49:04

You'd need to check this still applies but we had a T-Mobile EE dongle for a while. You got 1Gb for 30 days for a tenner and can top it up online or buy a voucher where you top up your mobile phone.
When the 1Gb is used up you can carry on surfing but it will block YouTube vids, iPlayer etc. Normal Facebook email use is OK. It won't allow you to use Skype or other messaging tools. If you can get an unlocked dongle then GiffGaff does the best deal (and you can use messaging apps). GiffGaff uses the O2 network.

I can't think of another way of paying for broadband without getting tied into a contract. BT do a wireless service which you can buy on an ad-hoc basis but it's very expensive.

Krakken Wed 17-Sep-14 14:14:28

Thanks for those tips, I'm going to check them out now.

peacoat Fri 10-Oct-14 20:09:26

i have a monthly rolling contract with 3 with unlimited data for around £15 a month.

Bunbaker Fri 10-Oct-14 20:15:06

GiffGaff do competitive rates.

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