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£25 to last until god nos when thanks to ex food ideas

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Sadmummy123 Sun 03-Aug-14 13:18:09

Hi I have done a thread last week about me and ex splitting he has now wiped my account of my wages police and bank are involved but could take weeks to sort .hmm.the bank have give me a very small temp overdraft of £25
Just wondering if anyone has any cheap meal ideas
We have nothing in the freezer of fridge but I have
Tinned tomatoes
Beans etc in cupboard
Any ideas the bank can't give me a time frame as to when this will be sorted

HeySoulSister Sun 03-Aug-14 15:00:58

Flour for pancakes
Pasta... And jar of sauce
Seasonal fruit/veg

How many of you?

LadySybilLikesCake Sun 03-Aug-14 15:07:27

Is it a joint account or your own? Your bank should refund it if it's your own account as it's a case of theft. If this fails, you could ask your health visitor for a note for the food bank.

dickiedavisthunderthighs Sun 03-Aug-14 15:11:52

Second the food bank; that's exactly what they're there for.

A girl called Jack's blog used to be very good.

Where do you live? I'd bring you a meal to last a couple of days.

DrewsWife Sun 03-Aug-14 15:24:43

Salvation Army are fab. You don't need to believe to get help. They will ALWAYS offer support.

Oh and your ex is an arse wink. I hope you get your money back soon and he is dragged through the coals. X

wingcommandergallic Sun 03-Aug-14 15:28:36

Do you have nectar points or club card points? you could cash those in.
Pasta meals are good value. Get some tinned tomatoes or cheese sauce packet mix.

YoungBritishPissArtist Sun 03-Aug-14 16:00:32

Any Boots Advantage card points? They sell milk.

Flour, eggs and milk for pancakes - cheap and fun for DC.

I would recommended the food bank. Then if you've got other expenses coming up, fuel, electricity, travel, etc, it frees up some of that £25.

ProfYaffle Sun 03-Aug-14 16:10:12

Food bank - you can get vouchers through the CAB too.

Sleepyhoglet Sun 03-Aug-14 16:11:35

Go to supermarket end of day when stuff reduced for basics like bread.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Sun 03-Aug-14 16:11:53

Baked potatos, home made soup, pasta with black pepper and butter all cheap and easy. Leave out the meat and cook in bulk so, eg, cook enough soup fir a couple if days and eat with bread.
Shop at green grocer or supermarket at the end of the day when they sell fresh stuff off cheap.

Uptheairymountain Sun 03-Aug-14 16:15:57

Will you be getting child benefit and/or tax credits at all?

In the meantime, you can get a big bag of sweet potatoes for �1.25 or so, huge box of Asda cornflakes 46p ish and they're really nice, cheap rice etc.

If you can get to supermarkets for the reductions that could help - especially if your local one closes at 5 today. Food is often marked down to a few pennies.

Sadmummy123 Sun 03-Aug-14 17:08:23

Hi sorry for not replying
It's just my account but as he has done it through my online banking and not actually changed anything he's just took money apparantly it's more complicated obviously he's going to argue like hell that I've allows him to
Although the police have arrested and bailed him pending further enquirys etc
The food bank helped me when I was in a mess a few week ago and they will only help twice in 12 months
There is just me and my son

I was thinking a big bag of potatoes think there a fiver is a definate
Then cheese eggs things like that
I've just got 2 loaves in the co op for 70p reduced so freezing them
No I haven't any points etc I'm sure I'll manage just a bizzare situation atm I can't believe he's stolen my money and thinks he will get away with it it's beyond me

Sadmummy123 Sun 03-Aug-14 17:09:45

Yes child benefit is due in a week I think I was getting it monthly but requested it weekly .tax credits is being calculated as I've had to report my change in circumstances .that was monthly but I have said I want it weekly aswell

Have you been to the bank to ensure his access is now stopped? Have you changed passwords etc?

custardismyhamster Sun 03-Aug-14 17:27:30

Another one happy to drop off a couple of meals if you are anywhere near me (Darlington, North East)

I'm in Herts.

Sadmummy123 Sun 03-Aug-14 17:55:11

Hi I'm in the northwest
Yes everything's now been changed he doesn't have access to my card I have that here
I think I'll be ok I'm ringing tax credits tommorow hopefully that will be sorted and I'll ring child benefit to see when I'm being paid from that
I've got cereal in aswell ,pasta and sauces just had a rummage in the cupboard im going to go to aldi tommorow I have electric and gas aswell xx

kinkymouse Sun 03-Aug-14 17:56:49

A bag of rice goes a long way

Add frozen veg add some soy sauce and an egg for egg fried rice.
Stock and mushrooms for kind of risotto
Cheap fish scraps and peas for paella.
Agree with the reduced section in supermarkets at the end of the day.
Hope you get sorted soon

Mumof3xox Sun 03-Aug-14 17:59:21

Is your ex your sons dad?

Sadmummy123 Sun 03-Aug-14 18:00:34

Yes think it will be a trip to the supermarket tommorow I think asda reduce a few times in the day aswell I'll have a look tommorow I'm sure it will get sorted I will be ringing the bank back tommorow they've told me to speak to customer support again tommorow as they can help more than the actual advisors that are on over the weekend

Sadmummy123 Sun 03-Aug-14 18:01:25

Unfortunately yes he is
I've started a thing with child maintenance just waiting to hear back of them I did that 2 weeks ago

Mumof3xox Sun 03-Aug-14 18:02:15

That's good op

What a poor excuse for a man and a father

Do you have and friends or family who could help you out?

CheeryName Sun 03-Aug-14 18:04:16

Do you have family to turn to? Don't be too proud to ask. I'd be heartbroken if my daughter/sister/cousin was going through this and would want to help.

Sadmummy123 Sun 03-Aug-14 18:04:17

He is a disgrace and no not really don't speak to much of my family due to the ex .ill be fine got some good ideas for meals etc of here and google

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