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Went to ALDI for the first time today!

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catbonnet Wed 30-Jul-14 16:01:57

I went to Aldi for the first time today!

I bought a free-range whole chicken to roast, free-range large eggs, dried tortellini (so cheap!), raspberries, blackberries, nectarines, courgettes, salad, rocket, washing up gloves, box of own-brand mini magnums (£1.99!), milk, instant coffee, lots of other stuff that will feed us for over a week, and all only £30! I even got flowers for the house. I got some things because they were items I normally regard as little luxuries but were cheap in Aldi, like brie (Bavarian), salmon and those lindt-like chocolates.

There's some things I wanted but couldn't find at Aldi. I thought they did those living salads but couldn't find any, couldn't find couscous or hot chillies either, or frozen mangoes - I could only find packs of frozen mango and pineapple together. I've heard good things about Aldi perfume but couldn't find them in my branch - has anyone seen them around London?

Our local Aldi is a half hour walk away and my shopping was pretty heavy so I didn't get heavy non-urgent things, but the next time I'm in I'd like to try their bottle of peach bellini (£2.99, has anyone tried this?) and dishwasher tablets. I know it's a bit sad, but I'm so excited about saving on groceries. I feel like I've wasted so much money on Ocado delivery and Waitrose in my life.

Happy36 Wed 30-Jul-14 19:33:42

I have seen the bellini and it looks a bit yuck and oversweetened/artificial, but I haven't tasted it. I think you would be better off getting some peach sirop and a bottle of cava or prosecco or just mascerating a ripe peach and let it "stew" in an inch of cava for 10 mind. then top up the glass with more cava to drink.

If you 're not hung up on peach flavour then it's easy to bung some chopped/mashed strawberries or raspberries to "stew" in cava for a cheapish and tasty glass of fizz, the fruit gives off plenty of flavour (I've also poured cava onto fruit teabags - like blackcurrant or cranberry flavours - before then left it to draw and that's tasty too, it doesn't matter that the cava's cold).

Happy36 Wed 30-Jul-14 19:35:58

Yesterday for lunch we ate some delicious artichokes and peppers in a salad - they came in jars from Aldi and we all commented on how delicious they were.

We are visiting the UK from abroad and as far as I know don't have an Aldi near us at home otherwise we would certainly try it.

Bon appetit!

ilovelamp2 Wed 30-Jul-14 19:42:45

The peach bellini is sweet and sugary and bloody lovelywith lots of ice, in my humble opinion. The best chocolate in the world is aldi hazelnut heaven. Fact.

chanie44 Thu 31-Jul-14 08:34:44

They only sell the aldi perfume as an occassional special - I bought some last year and haven't seen it since.

Lidl sell a perfume called suddenly which smells like Chanel.

Chumhum Thu 31-Jul-14 08:37:10

I shop at Aldi, the only thing they don't do well is coffee, the rest is fab.

LynetteScavo Thu 31-Jul-14 08:46:18

I've never bought instant coffee at al but their real coffee is fine by me.
Dishwasher tabs are also as good as more expensive ones.
Their frozen spinach and goats cheese pizza isn't bad.

Madcatgirl Thu 31-Jul-14 08:49:04

The instant coffee isn't great from there, but most everything else is spot on.

Preciousbane Thu 31-Jul-14 08:53:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MollyBdenum Thu 31-Jul-14 09:13:33

They only have the living salad sometimes.

Things I don't buy from Aldi are:

Herbal tea
Organic carrots
Smoked salmon
Sweet peppers
Medjool dates
Red wine vinegar
Dijon mustard
Brown rice, arborio rice, sushi rice.
Other stuff for sushi like nori.
Fresh bread
Borlotti beans
Peanut and sunflower seed butter
Stock cubes and vegetable bouillon
Vanilla extract
Less common herbs and spices
Nutritional yeast
Lime pickle
Lemon juice in a bottle
Unusual cheeses
Squash and soft drinks other than fizzy water
Tomato puree
Frozen spinach
Frozen Mediterranean veg
Frozen stir fry veg.
Turkey mince

Pretty much everything else in my kitchen is from Aldi, and some of things I only buy elsewhere because I buy a particularly swanky version (eh the tomato puree).

justjuanmorebeer Thu 31-Jul-14 09:19:18

To be honest, I've never tried anything from there that I didn't like. I do my shopping there and eat really well and healthily for a good price. Yesterday my weeks shop including two of their most expensive bottles of wine (5.50 each) came to £62 and I also got salmon and steaks. The other supermarkets cannot compare.

fieldfare Thu 31-Jul-14 09:20:05

The living salads were an offer, I've only seen them once in our store. They have living herbs though.
Cous cous - they're having a problem with their supplier. That's what I was told in our local store as I buy the spicy one every week.
I don't buy their dishwasher tabs as they don't seem to get everything as clean and sparkly as finish. But I do like their fair trade instant coffee (small jar with black lid). I tried last night their frizzante rose and it was really nice.

LynetteScavo Thu 31-Jul-14 09:26:10

Can I ask about the hair oil? I've been using Aldi hair oil, which seems good, and is very cheep compared to Moroccan Oil....but I've never bought Moroccan Oil, so can't really compare. Anyone used both?

Oh, and Aldi sparkling water is very good.

I get frustrated that they don't always sell risotto rice and stock cubes.

MollyBdenum Thu 31-Jul-14 10:47:26

They don't sell plain risotto rice in mine, just packs of just-add-water ready flavoured stuff. It's actually very nice, but I generally prefer to eat stuff that's less processed.

winkywinkola Thu 31-Jul-14 11:10:18

I love Aldi.

They need customer focus groups so that they can get feedback on what customers want.

That way they could really capture their customers. I know a limited range is part of how they keep costs down.

I mean they used to sell Ready Brek style porridge a d they stopped doing that.

Iwould also like to see wheat free pasta.

The pesto is great from Aldi.

winkywinkola Thu 31-Jul-14 11:10:56

I love Aldi.

They need customer focus groups so that they can get feedback on what customers want.

That way they could really capture their customers. I know a limited range is part of how they keep costs down.

I mean they used to sell Ready Brek style porridge a d they stopped doing that.

Iwould also like to see wheat free pasta.

The pesto is great from Aldi.

MollyBdenum Thu 31-Jul-14 11:44:17

I am allergic to cashew nuts which is why I can't have the Aldi stuff.

MERLYPUSSEDOFF Thu 31-Jul-14 11:48:25

The ready brek may come back in the winter months perhaps.
I get 80% of our food from Aldi. The only things I dont buy are kids toothpastse ( they only do fruit flavour), potato salad, brown pickle and chocolate spread as I preferr Lidls.
I rarely buy branded stuff and what I do get is usually covered by lidls.

reddaisy Thu 31-Jul-14 11:49:38

The packets of crisps are awful though - so salty. I have tried their version of Wotsits, Mini Cheddars, Fries and they are all the same. I also don't like their bleach or Dishwasher tablets as they leave a terrible residue. Happy with their washing powder though. I get most other things there though and do a top-up shop at Waitrose/Tesco/Sainsbury's.

LynetteScavo Thu 31-Jul-14 15:43:33

Having posted earlier about hair oil, Aldi had none in stock today. sad

Aldi sell Branson's pickle, but not small chunks (fussy).

I find their crisps OK, but then I'm not a crisps fan....the DC however ask to have Brand name crisps in their lunchboxes.

I was thrilled to see they sell organic milk, but only in smaller cartons, and more expensive than Sainsbury's.

reddaisy Thu 31-Jul-14 16:25:35

We have a coeliac in the family as well which means Aldi isn't great for him, the big bags of crisps seem fine, just the smaller individual ones. You jinxed the hair oil, Lynette!

TeaAddict235 Thu 31-Jul-14 17:45:17

aldi do a brilliant aussie moist conditioner. has anyone tried the shampoo by any chance? they'd run out when I was there last.

Also, has anyone gotten any good stuff at the Lidl baby event this week? Is it worth going to?

AngieBolen Thu 31-Jul-14 17:50:18

The Aldi Aussie Most shampoo and conditioner is exactly the same as the original Aussie shampoo/conditioner.

TeaAddict235 Thu 31-Jul-14 18:30:52

thanks angie, in that case I'm gonna stalk my local Aldi like a fox after hens! The conditioner is the bees knees for my curls!

trickydickie Thu 31-Jul-14 18:41:41

Lynnet - I have used both morroccan (sp) oil and aldi oil. I am maybe not the right person to discuss this as I have pubic hair on my head and unfortunately my daughters are going the same way! I think the aldi oil is better only because it is not as easy to put too much on your hair. I find it is very easy to put too much morrocan oil on without realising it. I tried to manage my two daughters hair with morrocan oil but it always made their hair too lank/greasy. Whereas the aldi one is magic. Makes their hair so manageable. My friend uses a kid on morrocan oil (or possibly morrocan oil) from b and m stores and she says it is fantastic. Think it is even cheaper than the aldi one.
So yes, I would recommend aldi hair oil.

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