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what can i grow indoors? or may b e in pots

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slartybartfast Sat 05-Jul-14 11:13:50

my rabbit is quite freerange so it would be easier to grow indoor veggies so she didnt eat them all!

LadySybilLikesCake Sat 05-Jul-14 11:15:37

Veg and fruit need the sunlight really. What about containers or a window box?

slartybartfast Sat 05-Jul-14 11:16:39

or perhaps a small pot of rocket?

slartybartfast Sat 05-Jul-14 11:18:48

yes i have a few small containers -
what is good to grow?

LadySybilLikesCake Sat 05-Jul-14 11:19:10

You could try herbs? smile Tomatoes grow very well in a greenhouse, so you could try these too.

LadySybilLikesCake Sat 05-Jul-14 11:21:35

Small containers;

Strawberries are great. They produce their own shoots which make new plants (so free strawberry plants).




Carrots (not many though, they need space)

I tried grapes once but the vine died sad




sandysip Sat 05-Jul-14 11:36:32

I've grown 'cherry bomb' chilli plants in pots on my windowsill for the past few years. As long as they're kept warm but out of direct sunlight, they're really low maintenance. Soooo satisfying when you actually get to cook with something which you know couldn't be fresher.

slartybartfast Sat 05-Jul-14 12:44:52

that's great thanks grin

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Sun 06-Jul-14 09:00:16

We had rabbits (sadly both died in past yr but were 8) n a small garden in old house n husband had those long plastic troughs he drilled holes in edge took handles off coat hangers n hook them through then hooked onto the ledges of fence in back garden so had strawberries in those n green beans. Also had a raised bed with fencing round grew rabbit friendly stuff in there as the buggers managed to get in. Tomatoes in hanging baskets n potatoes in big sacks.

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