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Sun holiday tokens start Saturday

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notamonkeysuncle Thu 03-Jul-14 10:29:09

Just thought I'd share grin

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 03-Jul-14 18:59:44

One of colleagues went on one, they spent the week surfing in the sw.

notamonkeysuncle Thu 03-Jul-14 21:31:22

We did two last year and will be going this year. We have got lucky each time and really enjoyed it

SandyChick Thu 03-Jul-14 22:25:57

For which months will the holidays be for?

Never done them before. Which places are the nicest or which ones are best avoided?

notamonkeysuncle Thu 03-Jul-14 22:32:31

Sept-Nov I think.
I cant really say what to go for and what avoid as there 100's to choose from.
I think you have to remember that your paying £9.50 per person so dont expect the earth.
We've always been in caravans which are basic but clean and nice enough to sleep in. We tend to most our time out doing things.

SandyChick Thu 03-Jul-14 23:08:04

Thanks. Will look into it. Do you know if oct half term be included?

notamonkeysuncle Fri 04-Jul-14 07:29:10

Yes it will be but you have to pick 4 different dates. this can either be mon-fri or fri-sun.
Someone told me if you book online you can pick the date, I don't know if this is true though

MsVenus Sat 05-Jul-14 12:05:17

I think there is a resort on the essex coast which you need to avoid as its full of anti social behaviour. My cm went & left early with her kids because of the behaviour of some of the other guests. I will try to find out which resort it was maybe Clacton on Sea not sure. Apparantly this resort gets troublesome guests a lot.

OorWullie Sat 05-Jul-14 12:08:57

I've been on a few and have loved them every time.

I think it's better when you pick smaller, independently owned parks rather than Pontins or similar. The standard of cleanliness seems to be higher.

I always pick a park that has pool access plus lots to see and do off site, that way if the site isn't up to much your not stuck there for a week with nothing to do.

trickydickie Sat 05-Jul-14 23:31:11

I have just spent 4 days in Haven in Clacton-on-Sea and had a great time. Didn't notice any holiday makers with awful behaviour. Weather was gorgeous, site right on/next to the beach with lovely walks in the park. Indoor and outdoor pools. Our caravan had a lot of space either side. We did have a drive around and noticed caravans at other end of site were more closely packed in. Site was also quite quiet as English schools haven't broken up yet. I booked it by dafault as meant to book a site in Isle of Wight but totally messed up. Anyhow, was a great mistake as we loved it.

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