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Aldi Prices

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cazinge Fri 27-Jun-14 21:39:18

It's been done to death so I have done a spreadsheet of my Aldi receipts for 2 different weeks (12th June and 27th June). It is loosely connected to my job so it's not just that I need to get a life!

Please don't comment on what I have bought or judge me on how healthy/unhealthy you believe our diet to be as I have done this to try and help people judge whether they should try Aldi. That said, we did have a party w/c 12th June hence the amount of snacks!!!


For info, each week there are "super 6" fruit and veg which we tend to buy so the prices won't always be the same week to week.

Charlesroi Sat 28-Jun-14 14:33:12

The only thing I'l say are that the prices are roughly comparable to those in Lidl (much closer to me than Aldi, so that's where I tend to shop). Like you, I look at the fruit and veg/other offers and plan accordingly.

It's a good idea to put the list up though - it may help someone who wants to try Aldi.

greeneggsandjam Mon 30-Jun-14 01:18:58

Thank you for the link, I have been wondering about Aldi and Lidl but as there are none near me I have never been. Do you know how much 4 pints of milk costs in either?

Jinty64 Mon 30-Jun-14 14:34:20

I can't find a receipt but I think it's 89p.

greeneggsandjam Tue 01-Jul-14 00:56:40

Thank you Jinty, that's great if it is 89p for 4 pints, so much cheaper than some supermarkets. Cheapest I have found is £1 so far in other places.

LittleFriendSusan Tue 01-Jul-14 20:52:22

Just checked my receipt and it's 95p smile

greeneggsandjam Wed 02-Jul-14 17:54:04

oh, not so impressive after all then!

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