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Additional Child Benefit Payments

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jojoh1979 Mon 26-May-14 12:21:37


I was wondering if someone could shed some light on why I seem to be receiving additional payments of my Child Benefit for the last three months?

I have two kids so receive the £135/month but for the last three months have received additional payments of £38/month too.

I'm confused...........I thought every parent received the same amount, so why do I seem to be getting extra (not that I am complaining of course ;o)).

My wages are the same as they ever were, I receive no working tax credits so I really don't understand this? Is there something new government wise that I have missed hearing about?

Can someone please shed some light on this for me?


trumpfamily Mon 26-May-14 18:59:40

Is it tax credits (£545 basic element) which are different to working tax credits? I think tax credits are dependent on your's and your partner's annual income of no more than £26,000? is the best website to check, I'd look into it sooner rather than later as if you are overpaid you can guarantee that they'll want the monies in their entirety if you've been paid by mistake.

Jellykat Mon 26-May-14 19:18:42

Am pretty sure if it was anything to do with Tax Credits, it would be a separate payment, not lumped in with CB.
Why don't you ring the CB office and ask? as trump says, you don't want to have to find the money to pay them back if a mistake's been made.

jojoh1979 Tue 27-May-14 09:42:42


Thanks for your help, you're right here I am going to give them a call.

We as a couple we do earn more than the £26,000 threshold at the minute as my husband is doing crazy overtime hours so best make sure they aren't going to be taking more off me than they already are.

Currently paying off £967 for an overpayment (not our mistake yet again). Would rather do without as the messing about 'ive had in the last few years is beyond a joke.

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