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A miserly May on Mumsnet for the fantastic frugaleers!

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MissAnnersleyismyhero Mon 28-Apr-14 16:29:23

Saw April was getting very full so thought I'd start this off early!
Welcome to all who want to save cash, live frugally and pay debts, or just trying to live within our means!
Full of hints and tips on how to save money in the supermarket, meal planning and daily life.

CremeEggThief Mon 28-Apr-14 22:36:42

Thanks, MissA. thanks.

Fluffy, I think so, but it's the higher welfare I like most. I can't always afford it, but I prioritise organic dairy over organic fruit and veg. Lidl sell Graham's 2 pints for 89p. Bargain!

CoolCadbury Mon 28-Apr-14 23:16:36

spotty that's not great. sad Have a look at to see if you can get cheap lighting. I was paying over £7 for 2 halogen bulbs for the kitchen on the high street and screwfix do a pack of 10 for less than a fiver. shock

AdoraBell Mon 28-Apr-14 23:59:13

grin Fluffy just read your last comment on t'other thread.

Spent £35 on things for school, plastic cutery and plates, extra bottle of Tobasco, a chicken - for the same price as a packet of breast fillets - yoghurt for the week, cheap snacks for staaaaarving DDs post school, fruit juice and summat else I can't remember now.

DD1 does need new skirts for school, she says they are long enough but she can't see herself from the back. Will get those tomorrow.

SpottyTeacakes Tue 29-Apr-14 05:25:20

Cool dp is a builder so really should have thought of that myself! I will have a look later thanks

elvislives2012 Tue 29-Apr-14 08:11:07

Does anyone know where I can get cheap, branded moisturiser from? I've tried loads of different types and the only one that works is okay total effects but it's RRP is £15. Any ideas?

CoolCadbury Tue 29-Apr-14 08:33:43

elvislives just found this. If you buy two, it's free delivery.

Has anyone bought books from Wordery? They are the cheapest (by £2) for a book I need for work.

FantaSea Tue 29-Apr-14 09:26:45

Adora my DD leaves school this summer so I am eeking out her uniform and her skirts are so short. She actually told me last week that one is too short to wear, which is what I have been telling her for a long time, so we are down to one. I had a look in Asda this morning to see if I could get her a cheap one but no luck.

CoolCadbury Tue 29-Apr-14 15:27:50

I was going to say NSD but I just paid £820 for the fence! Not quite NSD then. Good job, I had budgetted for it and had the money available. smile

SpottyTeacakes Tue 29-Apr-14 15:47:30

£1.60 hospital carpark

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 29-Apr-14 17:15:51

£10 petrol.

Passthecake30 Tue 29-Apr-14 17:21:53

£35 buying my team a thank you lunch. Very nice too and I'm so stuffed at least I will save on dinner!

ComfyLeatherChair Tue 29-Apr-14 17:48:07

Can I join in? Tonight we are having salmon fillets from Co-op reduced from £4 a pack to £1 for two and bunged in the freezer over Easter. (I am a reduced food fiend - Waitrose is amazing for this) but I get most stuff delivered by Asda

Sold some stuff on eBay over the weekend, but have just splurged £10 on a yarn winder.
Apart from that no other spend today!

FantaSea Tue 29-Apr-14 17:58:06

Comfy welcome smile . I have considered getting a yarn winder as I buy a lot of my wool in charity shops and thought it would make nice tidy balls of wool.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 29-Apr-14 18:15:34

Everyone's welcome comfy

£1.74 on amazon. I haven't given up on the G4 bulbs, I'm ordering 14w replacements for the 20w while the technology catches up with demand. So I got them and drawing paste for Dh. I had a £5 voucher off nielsen mobile tracking app.

I just need to send the other led bulbs back and my eBay parcel.

ItalianWiking84 Tue 29-Apr-14 18:34:19

15,97 euros for different toiletries and cleaning stuff, 29,97 euros for groceries.
Anybody seen any good deals on YNAB?

CoolCadbury Tue 29-Apr-14 18:46:59

Not yet italian

ItalianWiking84 Tue 29-Apr-14 19:01:42

Bummer, but thanks Cool

AdoraBell Tue 29-Apr-14 19:23:28

£42 on 2 school skirts
£25 in the supermarket
£2.40 on roads by the time I get back, am having a caffeine top-upwink
£2 on coffee
£2 on parking

Will look at pyjamas for DDs after school so might spend another £12/15

AdoraBell Tue 29-Apr-14 19:28:11

Fanta we're not long into the new school year so there was no way I could allow her to continue with the existing skirts. I'll just have to stop feeding her insteadwink, sorry you couldn't get anything in Asda.

FantaSea Tue 29-Apr-14 19:48:58

Adora pleased you could get the new skirts and on the plus side, your DD will get the full year out of them. My DD only has 3 weeks left, plus exam days, so I may turn into my mother and do a bit of 'rinsing through' and 'sponging' each evening to make her single skirt last until the end!

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 29-Apr-14 20:09:37

Could you let the hem down?

£5 off a £35 spend Lidl voucher on facebook. Like the page then do the "a lidl extra" blue box at the top.

Fuck you Aldi with your £5 off a £45 spend angry

FantaSea Tue 29-Apr-14 20:12:56

Fluffy thank you for the suggestion but there is no hem, just a couple of millimetres sewn up to neaten it grin .

lilacclery Tue 29-Apr-14 20:24:40

€1.04 on lemon juice, getting back into green tea with a dash of lemon juice cos it's helping to boost my weight loss.
Small spend is helped by return to work no time to go to shop before work as they're not open & in hurry to pick kids up in the evening so limited or zero shopping!!

italian I've worked out if I buy direct from ynab & use the 10% off coupon it'll cost me €38 converting $54, steam cost is €49.99. I'd hold off if I thought it'd go on sale soon though! Must try out to see if different email works for trial.

CremeEggThief Tue 29-Apr-14 20:35:51

smile at Fluffy.

Right, £1.90 cash bus fare taking my cat to the vet, which cost £49.59, and £10.01 in Lidl. The last two were on card.

Welcome all newbies.

ComfyLeatherChair Tue 29-Apr-14 20:40:01

Ooh, thank you for the Lidl voucher tip. Can the lidl voucher be used for wine? Who does better wine Aldi or Lidl?

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