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Hurrah! Tesco Delivery Saver now cheaper, and reduced minimum spend!

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fuzzpig Tue 22-Apr-14 15:15:42

Just thought I'd share, got a letter today saying they're changing it. Minimum spend is now £25 instead of £40 which is great for us as we prefer doing two smaller shops a week.

As you were smile

TooTiredToBeCreative Tue 22-Apr-14 15:16:38

I was quite impressed they refunded me the difference in what I paid and the new price!

fuzzpig Tue 22-Apr-14 15:38:17

Same here, I've got 3 months left so got a £12 voucher. Think I'll switch to the 12 month plan this time instead of 6 as it's even cheaper apparently.

Supermum222 Sun 04-May-14 18:59:33

They have reduced midweek delivery too. I have paid £1 for Tuesday's two week delivery smile

MiniSoksMakeHardWork Mon 16-Jun-14 21:04:35

Do they refund the difference if you take on the new plan? I saw the mail but not that they'd refund if you took the new plan. So haven't changed it yet. And I've still got 6 months near enough to run.

fuzzpig Thu 19-Jun-14 17:44:30

I have a feeling they do yes, but can't be sure as we were at the end of ours anyway IIRC

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