need a cheap mobile

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slartybartfast Sun 06-Apr-14 12:43:58

i dont like touch screen.
i like having the radio
and i like being able to look at the news, google, look at email and facebook.
and i normally get a pay as you go, i have a sim contract - basic of about £10 per month, what was T mobile so now EE

copied from another thread that no one replied to

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mrsnec Sun 06-Apr-14 13:04:08

Is the Nokia c3 available as an option? I've upgraded to a Sony smartphone but I hate it and I'm considering going back to my old Nokia it was great the only issue I had was that the software was dated and I didn't know how to update it so I could look at Facebook and use Hotmail but couldn't upload my photos to either and I could only see limited things on certain websites so I could read an article in the paper but not read the comments, if those things aren't an issue for you that phone or a slightly. Updated version would be ideal for you.

slartybartfast Sun 06-Apr-14 13:16:18

oh thanks will look into that

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mrsnec Sun 06-Apr-14 14:30:30

It was a great phone! There are some reviews of it on amazon if it helps.

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