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An Avalanche of Austerity for April - Mumsnet frugaleers continue!

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MissAnnersleyismyhero Mon 31-Mar-14 14:58:46

Thought I'd start a new thread for April smile

AdoraBell Mon 31-Mar-14 15:23:07

Reporting for frugaleering duty. <salutes> smile

potbellyroast Mon 31-Mar-14 15:28:07

Marking place on the frugaleer express.

Very spendy weekend but it was planned and in the end didn't cost as much as I'd budgeted for as 2DS were too ill to venture out far.

As DS2 has a disability I've just got a 'MAX' card which can get us into museums at a discount or even free. So went to yorkshire sculpture park. Entrance is free anyway but saved £7.50 by using the card. Went towards the coffee and cake in the cafe. Should have known better and taken a picnic.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 31-Mar-14 15:44:54

I'm in.

Ellisisland Mon 31-Mar-14 15:53:12

Signing up for April !

northender Mon 31-Mar-14 16:38:55

Thanks MissA . Determined to continue with frugality into April and beyond...

ItalianWiking84 Mon 31-Mar-14 16:49:39

I would like to join in, please.
Just moved to NL and currently living with my PIL and BIL in order to save up for buying our own place. Also pregnant, due date 23.05... Every penny saved goes to saving, so we can hopefully by autumn buying our own place.

rodgette Mon 31-Mar-14 17:18:36

can I join too please?
Just [finally] got husband on board, hoping to make a real difference smile
hoping to create a baby emergency fund, then a proper one.
And so, we all begin to breathe in, good luck to all Mumsnetters taking part.

insideleg Mon 31-Mar-14 18:06:14

April already! Only 30 days in this one! NSD today as it is a work day. Hello italian and rodgette!

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 31-Mar-14 18:40:10

Thank you for the new thread miss a

CremeEggThief Mon 31-Mar-14 18:49:48

Hello! Thanks MissA smile.

CoolCadbury Mon 31-Mar-14 18:56:56

Thanks MissA for the new thread. thanks

Welcome italian and rodgette. smile

potbellyroast Mon 31-Mar-14 19:27:47

Sorry where are my manners blush Thanks for the new thread missA

Hello italian and rodgette

Anyone else slightly giddy about a new YNAB month? No? Just me then grin

Lagos Mon 31-Mar-14 19:32:11

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

insideleg Mon 31-Mar-14 19:35:44

Thank you for the new alliteration missa!

SpottyTeacakes Mon 31-Mar-14 19:49:20

Thanks for the thread smile

Nsd here.

Oh that's a lie £38? At the post office posting eBay parcels

Ohhelpohnoitsa Mon 31-Mar-14 19:51:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Mon 31-Mar-14 19:52:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

potbellyroast Mon 31-Mar-14 20:18:42

ohhelp my tax code is 954l but I'm not sure what benefits in kind are?? I do have work expenses for parking and diesel when I use my car for work but that's all (and not very often).

OneUp Mon 31-Mar-14 20:22:26

I've been lurking all the way through March and would like to join in in April. Really need to get out of the habit of mindless spending.

ItalianWiking84 Mon 31-Mar-14 20:34:32

Just downloaded the trial version of YNAB... I am a budget nerd in general so curious to see if this one can teach me some new tricks....

dementedma Mon 31-Mar-14 21:50:11

Love the idea of YNAB and bought the full version but really really struggle to get it to work and agree with what's in the bank. Good luck!

iamnotanugget Mon 31-Mar-14 22:24:04

Thank you for the new thread missa and hello to the newcomers. I need to put a spending plan in place for the Easter holidays which will be April's pay packet. I'm stuck in March for a little longer. I can't wait for it to be over though. Most of our dds come out on the 1st and I know that what's left is slightly less than what's on the credit card so need to be extra careful now so we don't finish too far in the red.

lilacclery Tue 01-Apr-14 03:24:05

Welcome to delurkers I was formally one of you & it helps a lot more to post than to lurk I can tell you.
Just finished posting on march thread. My plan for this morning is to post pics of my cloth nappies for sale on fb group, good chance of sales today as child benefit day in Ireland.
Interested to hear how italianwiking gets on with ynab I also downloaded trial but forgot about it and it expired. Anyone know if it goes by email address or IP address? If it's email I'll just set up a new one especially.

lilacclery Tue 01-Apr-14 03:26:18

Back to work April 28th so first pay will be May 1st & when debt reducing can begin in earnest but until then I'll focus on not adding to it & being frugal.

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