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frazzled74 Wed 19-Mar-14 11:40:02

Which companies are good for earning a bit of extra cash doing surveys? also are there any other ways of making some money from home that anyone has had experience of? just short term ,I dont want to set up a new business or become self employed.

specialsubject Wed 19-Mar-14 13:20:00

here's my experience:

yougov; never screen out but it takes about 18 months to get to your £50. Never opt for the prize draw.

valued opinions: pay out at £10 but you get screened out a lot. Unless surveys grabbed quick they will be full.

one poll: pay out at £40 and screen out quickly, but each survey is only 10p, 20p or 30p. You need to keep checking the site, no alerts. When you get just short of the £40 they have a tendency to stop sending surveys, email them if nothing has appeared in a couple of days and they will send some.

rewarded opinions; just got to my £20 after 3 years, very irregular surveys. Probably won't bother with any more.

you learn how to minimise effort...

strictly speaking the payments should be declared on your tax return.

specialsubject Wed 19-Mar-14 13:20:37

ps hourly rate works out about £3 or less, but if you are going to play with your laptop you might as well get paid for it.

Iamnotanugget Wed 19-Mar-14 15:12:57

Try emailing Pinecone. About one/two survey a month but you don't get screened out and they pay £3 cash for each one. Each survey takes about 20 minutes which is a MUCH better rate of pay than the others. I agree with special £3 an hour is about average.

The only way to quickly make an amount of money worth having is to sell stuff.

OneUp Thu 20-Mar-14 09:06:22

populus is my favourite smile they cash out at fifty pounds and pay you a pound for five minutes for surveys. works out as about 12 pounds an hour which is good.

minesapintofwine Thu 20-Mar-14 10:27:04

Mysurvey is good. You get screened out a lot and the surveys are time consuming BUT the payout threshold is very low and get sent loads of surveys.

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