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mumof01 Wed 01-Jan-14 21:04:02

hi sorry somehow i have posted this twice i didnt realise
im going to ring the cab tommorw and see when i can get an appointment
no loyalty cards atm but have scraped a few pound so can get milk and bread i had some coppers in a jar .
my sons father is useless im currently waiting for the child support agency to deal with him
hi jinty yes i will be going atm i have enough to last my son which is alls im concerend about if i can eke that out for him then im happy just panicked will try cab tommorow thankyou

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Jinty64 Wed 01-Jan-14 20:10:26

Go to citizens advice and they will be able to point you in the right direction both short and longer term. I don't know if they will be open tomorrow but, if not, hopefully Friday. Do you have enough to keep going until then?

souperb Wed 01-Jan-14 20:05:40

Can you get an appointment with Citizens Advice? How large are your debt repayments - are they a significant proportion of your take-home pay?
Do you have any loyalty card points? Boots sell milk, which is useful if you have their Advantage card points. In credit on your fuel bills if you pay by monthly DD?
Are you LP? Is your son's father useful?
Sadly food banks are for all sorts of people these days - out of work and in work. All sorts of people issue vouchers these days, not just social services. Try a local church, health visitor, sure start centre, home link person at school, your GP (esp if you have recently been diagnosed with depression). Don't worry about taking food bank food - just resolve to pay it forward when you are in a better position; this is the real meaning of social security.
It is hard not to panic or feel hopelessly trapped on all sides - I have been there. Get some food and see CAB. The debts will only get worse once they reach a certain proportion of your income and there are lots of people who will be able to help with that (FOR FREE, don't pay).

mumof01 Wed 01-Jan-14 19:51:29

hi first post on here
so sick of having no money i work and still i have nothing after rent .bills,debts and things son needs i never have enough left to last until payday .so sick of it
atm i have no food in the house well i have afew bits for my son feel so bad because xmas was a wash out couldnt afford much still had fun but feel bad now im worried i only get paid on the 10th and ive no bread,milk and things like that need more toiletries im in a mess and dont no where to turn has any one anyideas .i want to avoid going to social services bad experience wth them when i was younger sad .i no theres food banks but ive been told there for unemployed people plus i feel embarrased seems mad as im posting on here but id feel embarrassed saying this face to face
i have asked freinds for help but everyones the same because of xmas im worried about food and things feel like everythings closing in .
ive just been disgnosed with depression so dont think thats helping but dont no what to do anymore i try to budget it doesnt help .how does everyone else manage xx

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