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December debt destroying *blows the budgeteering bugle*

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claretandamberforever Fri 29-Nov-13 17:53:00

Okay, so probably not much debt will be getting destroyed this month, but hopefully we won't add too much to it.

Here's the thread you want if you need to keep a spending diary somewhere, confess money sins, ask for help or have a general whinge at the cost of living.

Welcome to any newbies

fuzzpig Tue 31-Dec-13 19:52:29

Here's to a better 2014 ilove smile

500 is a great aim - think of it as less than a tenner a week! thanks

ilovepicnmix Tue 31-Dec-13 19:30:50

NSD. I certainly won't be up at 12! It's been a shitty year in a lot of ways so roll on 2014.

I have just made a note of money in bank accounts and purse and have decided my goal is to save £500 in 2014.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 31-Dec-13 18:21:39

£15 on fuel.

CremeEggThief Tue 31-Dec-13 18:15:57

£2.50 on chippy tea and £1.14 on bread and milk from Lidl. So, £3.64 altogether.

See you all on the January thread smile.

fuzzpig Tue 31-Dec-13 09:31:44

Woohoo, nearly at the new year! I'll watch the thread and post tomorrow. Have finally finished reading this whole thread for ideas and inspiration smile

Today will definitely not be a NSD! It's a recent festive family tradition that after Xmas we all go to the cinema (frozen this year) and then for Pizza Hut buffet - thankfully we only needed to buy tickets for me, DH and our two little DCs as DSDs, DSS and his GF all have unlimited cards. Admittedly one of those we pay for ourselves (in return for DSD2 babysitting for a few hours twice a month grin)

Got to order a tesco delivery tonight, and we've agreed to budget strictly from now on with food, so hopefully we'll sit down and do the maths for it in the evening (and then probably go to bed. Not sure I can be arsed to stay up for midnight TBH)

Have a great new year everyone and I'll see you all on the other side grin

ilovepicnmix Mon 30-Dec-13 22:10:15

NSD for me. Also first run in ages and first day back on 5:2. Very impressed with myself today.

Thanks for the new thread claret. I'll still check in here tomorrow as it'll still be December and I'm a bit funny about finishing things before I start something else. Which explains why im still using cheapo body lotion rather than lovely stuff I got for Christmas!

claretandamberforever Mon 30-Dec-13 21:53:14

Fluffy - just a plastic sample bottle? Like you would do a wee in? They make you pay for them?

CremeEggThief Mon 30-Dec-13 20:09:13

NSD. See you all on the new thread smile.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Mon 30-Dec-13 19:33:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 30-Dec-13 18:39:35

Sample for a pre-med.

claretandamberforever Mon 30-Dec-13 18:23:41

Fluffy - 60p sample bottle?? Sample of what, may I ask * my mind is bogging *

claretandamberforever Mon 30-Dec-13 18:22:35

January thread

claretandamberforever Mon 30-Dec-13 18:16:52

Hello lurkers, de-lurkers and newbies.

Yesterday's spends
£3.01 - pop and sweets from Home Bargains before footy
£2.00 - Footy programme for DS2
£6.00 - Pyjama's for me (half price)
£2.50 - half price mint chocolates (nom nom)

Then, out of DH's bonus, I bought some new bedding. Definitely needed it, our duvet must be at least 10 years old, and the duvet cover was threadbare, so got a duvet cover set (£14 from Morrisons for a Kingsize!), new kingsize 13.5 tog duvet from the Range (£16.99), 4 new pillows (£15), new flat sheet (£7.99) and 2 new pillow cases (£3.99).

Today's spends
NSD (yay me)

So, today is the end of my month as pay day is tomorrow. Budget has finished like this....

Kid's activities: £60.15 remaining
Petrol Budget: £65.96 remaining
Food budget: £4.87 remaining
Everything else: £103.15 remaining
Grand Total: £229.26 to carry forward to next month's everything else budget and £4.87 to carry forward to 2014 Xmas budget.
DH's bonus: £623.03 remaining

Right, will start a January thread now, for anyone who has started January already

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 30-Dec-13 15:42:39

60p sample bottle

£2 parking

£5 tin opener (I will learn not to give dh tin openers for work and expect them back the same night I really will).

He bought me a maccies to make up for it.

Welcome MrsW

Possiblyorange Mon 30-Dec-13 11:28:19

Iamnotanugget I am planning a big freezer/cupboard audit when we move, and my mission for January will be to involve something from the freezer or store cupboard in every single meal. We have tons of dried beans, lentils, lasagne sheets, frozen meat, frozen cakes, frozen stewed fruit etc etc. We also have plenty of yoghurt, cereal and condiments. I'm going to try to keep Jan food shop below £75 a week on average, so £325 for Jan instead of usual £400 monthly budget.

TheOnlyMrsW Mon 30-Dec-13 10:12:02

Hello, please can I join?

Have been lurking for a little while but need to actively join in I think to make a real difference..........

Am at work today but when I'm back at home later will be making a freezer and cupboard list so that I can properly start to meal-plan. Our worst habit is not sticking to menus properly so really need to be good about that; also DH and I are planning to do the January Dryathlon which should save a fair chunk from our shopping bill! Hope to save enough in Jan & Feb to pay our holiday off early and then start to really put money off the mortgage - that's my aim for the year anyway!

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 30-Dec-13 09:30:35 try these people for mobile phone sims, my understanding is that you pay £20 for the basic Freedom 0 tariff & there's no monthly top up after that unless you go over your minutes etc.

The catch is that when you browse the web you have to watch ads but considering I'm paying £7.70 a month at the moment I can live with a few adverts.

It should make the cost of my mobile £1.66 a month for the first year.

northender Mon 30-Dec-13 09:00:25

Interesting about your dh and his sister nugget. I will persevere and hope the message will get through eventually, but you can't live their lives for them, can you?

I forgot about our other win last night. When I got home dh was trying unsuccessfully to unblock the dishwasher. Anyway I dug out a big jar of pickling vinegar which was well past its best and a tub of bicarb, threw them in together, watched it fizz and froth, left it for an hour and hey presto, one unblocked dishwasher!

Turnoffthelights Mon 30-Dec-13 08:53:23

Hello all! Really seems as if frugal resolutions are beginning early - January should be a good month!

Treated dpils to coffee and cake yesterday morning, £17 for all of us.

We are doing less driving than originally thought as dpils have put our car seat in their car. We still have £150 of petrol budget left and realised our big return journey is actually in January so if our half tank lasts til then we'll have come in at half budget for all the December Christmas driving!

Iamnotanugget Mon 30-Dec-13 08:19:08

I've audited the freezer and cupboards, if I get a few tins of tomatoes then I've got enough dinners to take us to payday. I normally do a meal plan for the month but I didn't plan for the last couple of weeks as we've had guests and I had no idea exactly what would get eaten/be left over. I only seem to have 2/3 lunches though so I will have to get some sandwich stuff.

I've left my contract and started with a Payg phone, saving £10 a month which I'm now putting on our mortgage payments. It's not a lot but playing around on mse shows you that it all helps.

North my dh and his dsis are like that. My dh will happily walk 20 mins to save 10p and if we eat out he has whatever is cheapest rather than whatever he fancies. His dsis though can't spend money quick enough. She has owned a home with her dh for about 12 years now and every year the mortgage goes up instead of down as they keep borrowing to buy stuff. At the moment it's still manageable but it won't be long before the bank says no and they'll in for a massive shock. They grew up in the same house house and their parents are very anti credit and rainy day saving so not sure why they are so different.

Possiblyorange Mon 30-Dec-13 08:06:34

Felt like I spent loads yesterday as I finally gave in and bought a new pair of boots for the school run. Have needed them for aaages though, and school run will be much longer when we move. They're Timberlands so they should last well and can be re-soled. Plus I went through topcashback and got 7% cashback. <justifies wildly>

Helenagrace Mon 30-Dec-13 07:59:05

<waves to fuzz pig>

Spent £6 yesterday on some bits for a picnic tea (Sunday tradition chez Grace - movie and picnic on a blanket in the sitting room). However our DVD player looks to be dead. Also dead is the kettle in our bedroom (we take insulated cups up each night containing milk and coffee and make coffee upstairs - we both run on caffeine!) so there will be some spends this week.

northender Sun 29-Dec-13 23:18:51

Had a good day out at football today. Tickets were £33, £1.50 on drinks and £40 on fuel but now have easily enough to get to Devon tomorrow. Dh took did out for a walk, they had a picnic lunch and spent £6 on drinks and cake.
Was annoyed with ds (12) though, I took sandwiches, crisps and biscuits with us to cut down spending. He then decided he wanted chips so I said he'd have to pay for them himself which he did. Its amazing the difference between him and dd in their attitudes to money. I know that she would have saved her money but hope he'll learn eventually.
Tomorrow should be an NSD. Have some clothes to collect for dd from M&S but they are budgeted for.

thatgirloverthere Sun 29-Dec-13 23:16:09

Yesterday I was doing so well - didn't spend a penny and was convinced that today would be the same, however, I went with dh to drop our children off at grandparents, I had intended on a day at home getting on with housework, this didn't happen - we first stopped off at Home Bargains for Toilet roll, I managed to spend £32 and forgot to pick up the 18 rolls of Nicky Supersoft tissue. Did get toiletries, hay for the Guinea pig and some birthday presents for dd2.

We ended up in Bathstore where we purchased an entire bathroom suite, taps, shower, shower screen, and heated towel rail for £1278. No idea how this happened - but we did have money set aside for a new bathroom, so this hasn't interfered with our current account cash.

Husband is diabetic and was starting to feel a bit poorly (I think it was the fact he'd just agreed to a large spend rather than his medical condition smile so we went to Harvester for lunch, it was our first visit and I have to say I doubt we will be going back there, it cost £22, when we get a little bit of time without the children(which doesn't happen very often) it's nice just to relax and have lunch together wink

I'm sure I'll be back on track tomorrow - Asda grocery delivery is due between 9-11am, so no need to venture out to the shops, that should help.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 29-Dec-13 23:00:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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