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Which is the cheapest electricity supplier?

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AlmightyMess Wed 06-Nov-13 20:57:35

Thanks Squiffie, I'll check if they do my area.

That's good interest as well. I'm only electricity so I think that makes a big difference.

Squiffie Wed 06-Nov-13 17:58:27

I'm with a company called ovo, they're brilliant and my gas/electric bill is so much cheaper! If you end up in credit you get 3% interest on the credit balance! We've ended up loads in credit and are leaving it for now as its better interest than what we're getting at the bank. They also have a referral scheme where if you refer someone you both get £20 I think it is, so if you join and find it good it's worth telling your friends!

AlmightyMess Wed 06-Nov-13 17:06:33

I watched question time the other night and didn't catch the name of the energy supplier who hadn't put prices up. I want to avoid the big 6, my dad has just gone with an un regulated company down south and says he's much better off. I'm with British Gas for electricity only just now and my bills are huge. U-switch says I should be with iSupplyEnergy.

Has anyone got a deal they're happy with?

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