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November Numbercrunchers *blows the budgeteering bugle*

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claretandamberforever Thu 31-Oct-13 19:40:23

In here please.

Feel free to post a daily spending diary, to ask for advice or just for a general money moan.

CremeEggThief Sat 30-Nov-13 22:28:46

Whoops! £36.17. Every little helps!

Hedrin is best headlice treatment n can be got on prescription.

AdoraBell Sun 01-Dec-13 17:19:13

Claret I always use vinegar, any old cheap rubbish, and olive oil, again cheap, for nits/Lice. Can’t Get headrin here and DD2 is alérgico To everything. Oil kills the live ones and vinegar undoes the glue for the eggs. If you do the vinegar, típ head back To en sure it doesn't run into the eyes, towel on shoulders, soak each hair -I use cotton wool- leave 30 mins, comb through and rinse.

ArtemisatBrauron Mon 02-Dec-13 07:28:32

Spendy day yesterday but it was in a good cause - I got lots more Christmas presents for family (best bit was using a Waterstones voucher I already had to get 3 books, there was a deal on, so only had to add £2.70 and that's three people dealt with once I add chocolate/home-made fudge!)

I also bought ingredients to make cookies for a bake sale - I won't re-imburse myself as it is for charity, so the cost of the ingredients is my donation. Made 57 double choc chip cookies, hoping to make £25 from them for a local childrens' hospice.

Should be NSD today as I am at work from 0830-11pm.

ArtemisatBrauron Mon 02-Dec-13 07:30:50

Oh - on the headlice issue - my mum always used Neem oil conditioner, combed them out. It smells like a nuclear version of tea-tree oil, and is totally natural, but seems to kill adults and help remove the eggs. Lice are a total PITA though, I was the eldest of 5 kids living at home (9 in total with my half brothers and sisters who lived with my Dad!) and with so many younger sisters we all had lice several times. I had waist length hair too, grim.

AdoraBell Mon 02-Dec-13 22:44:15

So my Two weeks of school runs while DH was away was £37.33 in road tolls.

Weekend just gone I Spent
£13 CD Xmas gift
£12 nail varnish set Xmas gift
£46 supermarket
£77 drama costume, can be used again (DD1 is a goddessgrin )
£30 - ish on end of year party outfits for them, again can be used afterwards
£6 roads
£40 -ish on Xmas gifts from DDs To DH
£50 petróleo
£7 under wear


£40 supermarket, water filtros, dog's food, frozen fruit and ceral bars for DH
£1.20 roads
£4 greengrocer's

If I don't update for a while it's because I am hiding.

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