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Free money tracking software?

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williaminajetfighter Thu 31-Oct-13 18:49:01

I'm looking for a money mgmt/tracking software that I can download or access for free.

I used to have Quicken until my hard drive blew up. It was great but unable to now find. I downloaded Moneydance but turns out it was a free trial and I have to pay full whack for the software if I want to continue.

Any advice or links appreciated. Ps. I prefer software for mac vs an app which I find too fiddly (Luddite!)

souperb Thu 31-Oct-13 18:58:19

Google drive has a spreadsheet program, and some institutions allow you to download statements in xls or csv formats which you can open in google docs. I can do this with our three banks/bsocs and two credit card companies. I then sort it into columns by spend type, splitting certain figures up between columns ie grocery shopping by essentials/fripperies/non-food/clothing/booze etc.

I think that any free money tracking programs are not really free if you see what I mean. Someone has spent time and money writing the program and putting it out there - if they are not charging you to use it, then how do they benefit from it? Ads aplenty or data gathering I would imagine.

mackerella Thu 31-Oct-13 21:34:59

We've just started using Gnucash at home and like it so far. I haven't used Quicken myself but Gnucash seems quite similar, judging from the comments I've seen on other fora. We use the Linux version but it seems to be available for OS X and Windows as well. It's quite geeky, in that it's based on proper double-entry accounting, but it sounds as if Quicken is the same so you'll be used to that. It's quite addictive accounting for every single penny in your purse: DH and I are still at the stage where the novelty hasn't worn off and we rush to the computer every evening to enter the day's receipts <sad> blush

CommanderShepard Tue 26-Nov-13 18:06:16

Open source, baby! grin

Gnucash looks very similar what we use (KMyMoney on Linux). We've been doing it for 3 years or so and I like the reports! Now that I can download my statements from bank and credit cards in .qif format it makes entering things much quicker. I think you'd like it, willamina, as it's compatible with Quicken files.

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