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Honestly don't think I can save on outgoings, so how can I try to make a bit extra cash?

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gretagrape Tue 15-Oct-13 16:02:18

Hi. First time on this section, but would really appreciate some input. It's me, husband and 6mo and our outgoings per month are as follows:
mortgage and council tax - can't change those!
water - on a meter - £27
gas/elec - fixed - £95
house/contents insurance - £23
phone/bb - £16 (paid line rental in advance for 12 months already)
petrol - £300ish
cat insurance - £16
tv licence - £12
sky - free until December then will be cancelling
mobile - £35
sainsburys - £220-£240 (includes cat food, bathroom/kitchen stuff and own-brand nappies)
abel & cole organic fruit and veg - £60 (only just started this as son onto solids - no more expensive than food at sains but better variety so would like to keep)
That's it - no ciggies, no alcohol, no gym, no going out or takeaways. We walk with the pram if we are going less than 1hr walk each way (petrol is mostly work mileage); 90% of son's clothes and toys are family's seconds, and we probably average £20 on clothes (not joking, almost nothing in the last 12 months apart from maternity wear for me!).
Even with this we are struggling - husband got free upgrade on phone so it was sold on ebay, but we really don't have much other 'tat' that we could sell.
Can anyone suggest any ways of trying to make a little bit extra?

gretagrape Sat 02-Nov-13 08:24:36

Thanks RUAHall - I have to admit I am a total novice on the internet/tech in general, spending all day at work looking at a screen meant that I've never bothered with it in my spare time, so I'd need to spend some time looking into all this!

Spoke to tax office AGAIN - no-go on child tax credits. Basically, I left a job at the beginning of a tax year 2 years ago that included taxable benefits (health insurance, discount vouchers) - I was still having those benefits' value deducted from my tax code. Finally sorted but somehow they are saying I still owe THEM unpaid tax (how the f* can that be the case when they gave me a tax code LOWER than it should have been for 2 years. Anyway, it's all totally screwed and they are saying I can't get tax credits. I need to put my baby into a hotel for a week so I can just sit down and get my head around the bloody stuff!!

notagiraffe Sat 02-Nov-13 22:29:56

Hi OP, I do market research focus groups. They pay between £30-£60 per session and rarely last more than an hour or two, with free sandwiches and drinks, and sometimes, free products. Sign up for a few companies and then when they email, reply immediately as they seem to operate first come first served.

I sell tiny amounts of stuff on ebay - only things I'm pretty certain will sell as it is time consuming, but the money comes in handy.

Don't forget loyalty card schemes. Nectar points really add up, as do Boots card points.

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