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Selling kids clothes

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Tommychoochoo Wed 09-Oct-13 19:23:18

Dh hasn't worked for 3 months, he is desperate to get back to work and applied for any job he can get fingers crossed there's a couple of interviews coming upsmile

Our (very small) savings have now run out and we are going as much as we can to cut back, aldi shop, no heating in yet and I'm amazed at how much we have saved.

Trying to get some money together for dt birthday and found we have about 8 bin bags of clothes in the loft, mostly baby stuff.

I sold all the really nice stuff years ago on eBay this is mostly tesco, asda, primark and a few next stuff. I don't think its nice enough to sell on eBay (and need the money soon) but it is clean and got lots more wear out of them. I'm trying to think of where is best to sell them. I've seen cash for clothes shops, are they any good?? Or any other advice

Thanks and sorry for mistakes I'm on my mobile.

Oceansurf Wed 09-Oct-13 19:26:26

FB selling pages are your best bet. No postage costs! I've sold quite a lot this way (and mainly where my poor DD gets her clothes from as we're that skint at the minute!)

The cash for clothes places do it by weight and tbh, you get sod all. Much better off doing some bundles for £5!

Tommychoochoo Wed 09-Oct-13 22:54:24

Thanks ocean, I had a look on Facebook is it the buy swap sell groups or something else?
Thanks for replying.

I use facebook groups, but do get a lot of cheeky buggers asking if I deliver. In fact so many that I now ask for petrol money. Funny then how many can find a friend or partner to pick up.

highlystrung Thu 10-Oct-13 08:29:09

Definitely sell the Next stuff on Ebay- you'll get much more. Ive been selling loads of kids clothes recently, on FB and Ebay. Have learned to sell individually or in v small bundles on Ebay as the postage costs are now huge and it's really easy to underestimate costs. I think you also get more individually or in small bundles. FB is good but you get less money. I've sold Tesco, Tu and asda stuff on Ebay and they've sold well - sold 2 Georgee fleece jumpers the other day for more than I bought them for. If you want to sell bigger bundles FB is the place but you'll prob get a bit less for them.

Another thing I've found is to look around charity shops and buy up any branded kids clothes - Next, Joules, etc etc. Sell like hot cakes on Ebay -I bought a NExt coat the other day for £2.50 and sold it for £10 on Ebay. List things to end on Sun evenings for the biggest audience (but not during Downton lol!)

OneLittleToddleTerror Thu 10-Oct-13 08:48:35

Try gumtree too. I've had more luck with that then fb selling pages. I live just outside a city, and post in that city, instead of letting gumtree decides my location.

I buy a fair bit of my now 3yr old stuff on facebook selling groups as find ebay is expensive once factor in postage costs.

I also sell on facebook selling groups and tend to bundle things up for example have just sold 4 pairs of 12-18mth trousers (2 dinosaur joggers from TU one had tags on and other worn once, 1 plain black pair Tu joggers and pair tigger combat style) for £3 - not a huge amount but goes towards another pair of trousers.

Equally I just brought 2 pairs of jeans for little one in 2-3yrs (prob still too big for this winter will keep for next yr as has little legs and waist) one pair next the other little rascals for £1 for both.

highlystrung Thu 10-Oct-13 16:03:46

Agree with others about buying on FB - I buy a lot of my kids clothes on there, it's much cheaper than buying on Ebay. Which to my mind tells me Ebay is a better place to sell, but you have to get the postage right. Gumtree is also marvellous - esp for things that you wouldn't be able to post easily - sold my baby car seat last night in about 3 hours -from posting ad to someone picking it up.

Oceansurf Mon 14-Oct-13 19:37:09

Yes the buy swap sell pages. You don't have to worry about postage. I agree with the poster who said about Next clothes though. They sell very well on Ebay so worth posting those alone on there. Be careful with your postage though so you're not out of pocket! Good luck smile

BlueChampagne Wed 16-Oct-13 14:28:02

Could you advertise bundles at local school/church/children's centre?

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