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A month of frugal meals

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sugar4eva Sun 29-Sep-13 09:56:45

Hi , we need to try to save money and one of the few ways we could try to do so is around food.i would like to eat as well as we can , and try to make meals flavoursome so my family feel that they are eating well ie don't notice! Would really appreciate a list of frugal recipes . Wd be happy to stock up on store cupboard basics such as spices which could impact on good flavour. I have a meat loving ds and a veggie dd ;often have say quorn and meat saus with mash etc and if anyone has this situation to contend with whilst trying to be frugal and / or recipes I would be all ears!apologies for poor typing ,no paragraphs etc;don't know how to do on thus phone yet!

Hawkmoth Sun 29-Sep-13 09:59:31

Quinoa with whatever Aldi super six vegetables are. Or frozen veg.

Youarejustwordsonascreenpeople Sun 29-Sep-13 10:10:59

Shop mainly at Aldi or Lidl. Get yourself a slow cooker and look at cheaper cuts of meats. Meal plan.

Get yourself onto the
Moneysaving Oldstyle Board on MSE. Try the Grocery Challenge on there and read posts and maybe post yourself.

The Resourceful Cook website has some good meal plans.

Approved Food have some brilliant bargains. You may pay more in outlay but save more in long run.

DragonsAreReal Sun 29-Sep-13 10:14:59

I really don't find lidl cheaper then asda brand or smart price...

Meal plan meal plan and meal plan. Things like mince you can bulk out with grated carrots and a handful of oats to make a big pack into 3 separate family dinners. Porridge for breakfast is good to and cheap eggs. I buy 30 eggs for £3 in asda.

notnowImreading Sun 29-Sep-13 10:24:54

Everybody loves a pasta surprise, even if they think it sounds disgusting. Make pasta eg penne and stir fry onion, garlic and whatever veg is going soft in the fridge. Peppers and leek are best. Drain the pasta and fry in with the veg so it is coated in oil. This is lovely with bacon too for the meat-eater. Everyone I ever made this for as a penniless student now eats it regularly and feeds it to their children 15 years later.

DragonsAreReal Sun 29-Sep-13 10:28:26

And soup is so good, bag of value carrots onions garlic and a tin of chickpeas, kidney beans, split peas or lentils and that's full of goodness and protein.

MinimalistMommi Sun 29-Sep-13 17:29:10

dragons could you explain how to make the soup more with quantities of water etc? It sounds lovely!

DragonsAreReal Sun 29-Sep-13 19:04:26

I would fry onions and garlic up add chopped carrots and water and yellow split peas add water quite a bit over the carrots but not to much and cook till split peas are cooked and then blend. If I was using tinned kidney beans or chickpeas I would add before blending. Chicken stock goes nice and a good splash of cream but being frugal you might not have that.

MinimalistMommi Mon 30-Sep-13 18:02:05

Thank you dragons I know what I'm cooking next week now. thanks

LumpySpacePrincessOhMyGlob Mon 30-Sep-13 18:06:34

Cook several meals worth together, either for later in the week or for the freezer. You will save money on fuel too.

I made a hoooge chilli con carne yesterday plus a ratatouille. We had chilli with rice yesterday, ratatouille with sausages and homemade bread today, chilli with baked potatoes tomorrow then the next day I whizz the remainder of the ratatouille with hot stock and we have soup and sarnies!

HoneyStepMummy Mon 30-Sep-13 21:15:30

During the war my grandmother used to make breadcrumb fritters to bulk out the tiny ration of eggs she got. They are suprisingly delicious even though not that healthy I suppose! You soak some breadcrumbs in milk, add salt and pepper and whisk in an egg. Spoon onto a hot pan like you would with pancake mix and fry in a little butter. Mmm!!

After Hurricane Sandy we couldn't get fresh fruits or veggies for a week and I made a really good risotto. Chop up a small onion and fry on a low heat. Add a large can of crushed tomatoes, some italian spice mix, and a cup of rice. Slowly cook on a low heat until rice if soft, add parmesan cheese (the cheap dry kind, not the naice fresh one).

I have made veggie burgers using canned chickpeas, breadcrumbs, egg, onion and italian spice mix. I blend everything in the blender then shape the patties. You can either bake them on a lightly oiled pan or fry them. I serve them with chips and all the condiments but leave out the buns.

Eggfried rice is another cheap favorite. Add cooked rice, bag of frozen carrot/pea/sweetcorn mix and any leftover chicken/shrimp/meat you have. When it's almost cooked creat a hole in the middle, crack a couple of eggs in it, fry the eggs and mix it all up. Add a little soy sauce. Yum!

I try to serve a vegetable side with every meal and often end up using canned peas or frozen broccolli as it's cheap and easy.

stressedHEmum Tue 01-Oct-13 09:22:47

pasta with caramelised onions, sprinkle a little bit of cheese on top
potato soup and sandwiches
lentil soup and sandwiches
curried split pea soup with flat bread
veg noodle soup with crusty bread
tomato rice, as above
Caribbean rice and peas
lentil chilli and rice
lentil dahl and rice
lentil shepherds pie
potato bake
slow braised cabbage pasta
egg rice
toad in the hole
kidney bean and mushroom pie
baked potatoes, beans and cheese
macaroni cheese with cauliflower
sweet potato quesadillas
spiced root veg stew, crusty bread
pasta with tomato sauce and cheese
pasta with creamy pesto sauce (mix jar of pesto into a pint of white sauce)
savoury bread and butter pudding (make with cheese or cheese and ham sandwiches)
roasted mushroom burger rolls and wedges
roasted mushrooms topped with cheese sauce with rice/cous cous
patatas bravas (with or without chorizo)
lentil and potato curry
pasta bake
frittata (with or without meat)
cheese and leek pasta
egg curry and rice
savoury crumble (with or without meat)

A month's worth of cheap and easy dinners that I cook regularly.

absentmindeddooooodles Tue 01-Oct-13 09:29:17

Anything with pasta is a good plan imo. So cheap and so many variations.

Make a vegie pasta bake....whatever you have in the frige with tinned toms, basil, pepper and garlic.....and then for the meat eater sprinkle some crispy bacon ontop.

I do puff pastry folds if I need something cheap and tasty. Can put literally anything in. Roll out pastry, fill with....I love things like pesto, cheese, peppers, ham or any tupe of meat. Fold them over and pop in the oven for 20 mins. They can taste lovely if yoi add a few spices/hernbs.

Make up a big pot of mince. Standard tinnd toms, bits of veg, garlic, spices. This will keep for a few days so one day ypu could do spag bol, the next chilli and rice then jackets. If you dont want it for a few days in a row just freeze it and use it later in the month.

Soups are a great way to go. Add a french stick with butter garlic and basil and you have tasy fresh garlic bread too smile

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