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Heating on yet?

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NumptyNu Sat 14-Sep-13 22:08:23

Has anyone given in and flicked the heating on yet? Getting chilly here, but trying to hold out!

dinkystinky Sat 14-Sep-13 22:13:24

No trying to hold out for a few more weeks...

queenofdrama Sat 14-Sep-13 22:13:25

No, our house is well insulated & I intend to wear jumpers & use my hot water bottle for as long as possible. I'm hoping heating will only go on beginning of Nov at the earliest.

TheRealHousewifeOfSomewhere Sat 14-Sep-13 22:14:03

No. I have been cold pretty much every day this week. I am desperately trying to hold out for as long as I can. I have challenged myself to hold out until dd breaks up for half term but realistically think it will be earlier than that but not before October.

peggyblackett Sat 14-Sep-13 22:14:47

Nope - holding out here.

Flibbertyjibbet Sat 14-Sep-13 22:15:18

Yes we put it on this afternoon but only because my elderly parents came over with a visitor from Australia, so for thier sakes we warmed the house up...

Went off as soon as they had gone though and won't be going back on for at least a couple of weeks, longer if we can manage it. We do have a woodburner and that won't be going going on for a while yet either.

I've told the kids we are to start wearing socks, slippers and jumpers at home and the heating will only go on when we feel the cold through those extra layers grin

littleoaktree Sat 14-Sep-13 22:18:26

I was holding out because I thought dh would go mad if I put it on as he's been moaning about how much the gas bill was for last winter (I was on ML so at home with small baby) however today I took ds1 out in the afternoon and came back and he'd switched it on grin can't blame me now and we're nice and toasty (well as much as this draughty house gets)

Judybluey Sat 14-Sep-13 22:25:58

Yep only for 10 mins on a morning...after DH has left for work its lovely me and DC warm our socks and coats before the school run grin

supergreenuk Sat 14-Sep-13 22:27:45

No. Currently snuggled under a lovely purple blanket.

Mum2Fergus Sun 15-Sep-13 07:30:08

Yes! On this morning for first time in ages!! Been blowing a gale since 4am (Scotland)... only consolation is looking out window to see the 8am Jet2 flight take off from Edinburgh as we'll be on it in 4 weeks time grin

SprinkleLiberally Sun 15-Sep-13 07:53:31

For an hour now and again. Our house gets cold quickly and I like to warm it through. Have this idea its not good for the house to get too cold for long periods. Probably rubbish though.

trinity0097 Sun 15-Sep-13 08:04:01

Fleece jumper and blanket at the moment rather than heating.

clareyfarey Sun 15-Sep-13 08:06:59

I put the fire on for half an hour the other day, but DP wants to wait til October for the central heating

MissMarplesBloomers Sun 15-Sep-13 08:10:55

Nope jumpers here too !

Might get the coal scuttle & log basket in from the shed though so we can have a fire in the sitting room in the evenings.

Bronteshoes Sun 15-Sep-13 08:11:25

Not yet. It was cold last night though, so winter duvets, blankets and warm PJs will come out now. No central heating for a few more weeks at least.

PirateJelly Sun 15-Sep-13 08:15:59

Ive just put ours on but probably 20 minutes will do to take the chill off as it's a newbuild. Gutted as I've had to put the gas on for hot water for the 1st time this week as well. Awaits gas bill jumping ten fold sad

Locketjuice Sun 15-Sep-13 08:30:50

Noo live in a 1st floor maisonette and pretty sure downstairs have theirs on as out house toasty!

noisytoys Sun 15-Sep-13 08:31:48

We only put it on December-February last year and hope to do the same this year. Gas is far too expensive. We are out the house at school / nursery / work for most of the day though so we can just snuggle under duvets and onesies in the evening smile

tallulah Sun 15-Sep-13 08:44:54

Holding out for a bit, but I don't like the chilly mornings. Broken out the thick cardi today.

Ememem84 Sun 15-Sep-13 09:04:14

Nope. But then we don't actually have heating. First floor flat, south facing, fully double glazed, both upstairs & downstairs neighbours have heating which is on a lot so sort of warms our place a bit. And we have thick carpet and a million lined curtains in every room. In proper winter all doors get shut and its a case of warm clothes and blankets if it gets freezing.

monikar Sun 15-Sep-13 13:37:12

Another one holding out. I'm hoping to get to October.

Mynewmoniker Sun 15-Sep-13 13:42:43

Winter duvet on at night.

Stew and soup for lunch/tea

Keeping myself 'pottering' in the house (except when I'm on here of course blush) so I keep warm and keep the clam diggers on!

Bowlersarm Sun 15-Sep-13 13:45:57

Yes, caved in. I hate being cold.

Tabby1963 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:46:22

No, it is still comfortable here at the moment. A couple of years ago I took advantage of a free loft insulation and wall insulation offer, and also replaced my draughty front and porch doors. Made a massive difference in house temperature. We have huge cuddly throws, warm fluffy slippers, thick cardigans etc too. We live in the central Scotland area. Heating won't go on until my hands and fingers become uncomfortably cold... probably after the October break.

Iheartcustardcreams Sun 15-Sep-13 13:47:36

Yes, ours is on! I hate having a cold house.

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