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Credit crunch - what do others think?

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Pinkspottyegg Mon 16-Sep-13 16:05:39

I'm struggling more than I used to. I keep a tight rein on my budget and watch closely how I spend it. I plan meals and try to buy what I need. Virtually all the money goes on weekly shop and kids' activities. I lost family allowance as DH was just over the threshold but £135 per month is a lot and now find myself overdrawn each month sad
Working towards sorting that by tightening belts even more.
I have noticed that the shopping budget has increased dramatically and I shop at Lidl and Aldi mostly and try to buy meat out the butchers as he usually does good 3 for 2 deals and his meat is excellent. Can make meals go a longer way.
I know a lot of folk will be worse off than me and I applaud those who get by on less.

Citizensmith1 Mon 16-Sep-13 15:53:48

Hi, thanks so much for your reply. I will have a good look around the mumsnet site and post where you suggested. Thanks again :-)

LuckyToHaveYouAll Fri 13-Sep-13 16:18:25

Hi op.

I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling. Although my circumstances are different to yours, I also struggle financially right now as childcare is so expensive.

Have you had a look to see if you can claim any tax credits at all? The CAB are good at helping for this.

You might be better off posting this in Chat and the SN boards as you will get more helpful replies from people in your position.

Financial issues come up all the time in chat as its something lots of us are facing difficulty with. There are lots of helpful posters who can recommend good ways to cut budgets too.

Good luck flowers.

Citizensmith1 Fri 13-Sep-13 14:10:38

Hi, I am new to mumsnet, this is my first post. I was wondering how others are being affected financially, especially with cuts to legal aid, the bedroom tax and the old style income support being scrapped. I have always been a single parent of a now 14 year old son with aspergers. I have managed to budget well, but now I have got a part time job I will lose my carers allowance, even though I only work while my son is at school and still care for him exactly the same as I always have (24 hours a day). I remember when he was in primary school and the after school club there was almost £6 a session. I got a free trial but he never really settled due to the sudden routine change so it wasn't something I used. But now with the government forcing single mums back to work, I don't know how anyone does it now. It seems you'd be paying all your wages in child care! And if your child is on the autistic spectrum it would make them feel really unsettled. So I wondered what others thought of the 'wages for housework' campaign?

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