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Can people ever afford childcare!?!

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Peanutbutternutter419 Sun 25-Aug-13 09:21:06

So im due back to wrok in a couple of weeks and have luckily managed to agree to 2 mornings in office and the rest work from home as and when needed (could be anything between one am/pm to a couple of days).
DS is registered at nursery for 2 mornings/10 hrs per week and its costing £60 per week.
I have worked out all my finances and this literally uses up all my 'spare' cash every month after bills, food, car, pets.
So how do people adjust to this new monthly commitment? I have tried looking at outgoings but cant see where i can save money apart from smaller car which we are lookin into atm!

How did you manage?

sparkle12mar08 Thu 29-Aug-13 13:43:52

At it's worst we were paying nearly £1,300 a month for four long days of 9.5 hours for both children...

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