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Austere August come join us!!

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takeaway2 Wed 31-Jul-13 18:42:47

New thread. smile

AdoraBell Sun 01-Sep-13 20:00:57

Signing off August with an NSD.

roguepixie Sun 01-Sep-13 19:29:36

Started new thread fore September ... over here ...

Helenagrace Sun 01-Sep-13 08:05:09

Just got back from holiday. Lovely to read new house news!

Sorry you DS went missing confused. DD did that to me once. I'd just got out of hospital having had a m/c and a massive anaesthetic reaction and she went missing for 10 minutes. I think you could have heard me in the next county! I'm sure all the other mums would have done the same.

We've had a spendy summer but the autumn is going to be way more frugal!

AdoraBell Sat 31-Aug-13 19:25:56

We were stuck in trafic last night, 4 hours for a 30 minute journey so DD missed her friends, t'other one has not party bags for today and instead of a few quid To park I spent £14 in McD's - at 11pm.

Will also catch up later.

takeaway2 Sat 31-Aug-13 12:40:16

Hi all
We are back from the hols! Will catch up in a bit but suffice to say money was spent. Having said that, we has many people treating us to food and shop so the damage could have been much much worse.

Also perhaps a blessing in disguise... Whilst at heathrow I received a phone call from my credit card people saying that my card has been frauded (bastards cloned it and spent money..!). Good news was they were refunding the spent immediately. Even better news was I couldn't charge purchases on it!! grin

It meant that I was forced to use cash most of the time and it was well... Helpful on the pocket.

Catch up soon!

roguepixie Sat 31-Aug-13 10:55:59

Obviously mean 'you' as in all the anonymous 'you's' out there...not you specifically, Adora, grin.

roguepixie Sat 31-Aug-13 10:55:06

Adora, that's so true - I am happy for you if your DC get masses of wear out of clothing but I have never managed to get two years worth of wear out of anything with DS. smile He has always grown really quickly (by the time he was a year old he was wearing clothes for a two year old). He has slowed up more of late but sleeve length and leg length are ever increasing and he can't go to school with cuffs up to his elbows and hems up to his knees grin. I was shock at the length of his shins the other day...I mean, wow!! He's taller than DH now (haha, now he knows how I felt two years ago) smile and will get taller!!!

Spent £2.60 on ebay postage this morning and 90p on a first class letter (for DH). No other spends on the horizon today but, to be honest, I haven't recovered from yesterdays horrific spend-fest.

AdoraBell Fri 30-Aug-13 19:36:12

Confused I'm so glad DS was found safely and so quickly. Please don't feel bad about crying, I would have been distraught too.

Rogue it's funny how other people assume someone's DC gets two year's out of school uniform, not. MY DDs are also in adult size shoes, average feet here are small, but school type shoes aren't as expensive, luckily.

I spent a fiver this morning, bread and meat for the dogs. Tonight there will be parking and a snack for DD2 to pay for as DD1 is being treated to cinema by her friends. There's one friend going whose mother I don't want driving my DDs so I'm helicoptering.

Thatsinteresting Fri 30-Aug-13 19:23:03

Congratulations to all with new homes, it's such a great feeling when it finally happens. Although as you've all mentioned it can be expensive too.

Confused I really wouldn't worry. We have all been there. Thinking you've lost your child is the worst feeling imaginable and although he wasn't missing long I'm sure it felt like forever. I would never judge a mum for getting upset in that situation. Your behaviour was perfectly normal.

Have done a very small shop but meal planned for the rest of the month so will only need fruit and milk. Next door neighbour has given us a load of tomatoes and said we can pop over and pick any ripe fruit while he's away. I will probably take anything that is windfall type as that'll just rot and give him a job to do when he gets back. I'll make some jam/chutneys and leave him a couple of jars as a thank you.

MadameLeBean Fri 30-Aug-13 18:47:31

We are just about to return home from "budget" holiday in France.. Well we started off badly cos we didn't realise we had booked the ferry for the Friday morning not the Sat morning (how can I have been so dumb not to read the confirmation!) so had to pay £143 for new boat ticket (we had paid £35 for it online because the boat was at 6am - to save money!!)... Anyway fast forward 14 days and somehow we have spent hundreds of pounds on petrol food and bits here and there... (We are staying with family)
Basically have no money till January now ... Stressing about Xmas!

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 30-Aug-13 18:40:21

thank you smile it's my first house that's mine. well ours wink.

I want to get away from bt so I will complying in writing when I find the printer.
my dh was 6'3" at 14. he stopped growing at 14 though so there Is hope for you rougue.

im on my phone, it doesn't do capitalssad

roguepixie Fri 30-Aug-13 18:09:41

confused, gone are the days of making things last another few weeks or a month. The school stuff really is a drag - we are only allowed to buy much of it from the school shop (you can buy underwear, socks, shirts and shoes from other shops, everything else is from the school). The lady helping to relieve me of my money today said "Ah well, at least he's had two years wear of the last lot". I was hmm, "no, this is the third blazer, third lot of trousers, third PE kit - you name it, I need the next size" She was shock and I was "yep, welcome to my world". He's 13, 6 foot tall, 42" chest and size 10.5 feet ... and he shows no sign of slowing down!!! Perhaps if I stop feeding him ............. wink

On another note, sorry you got frightened today. It is the single moist nauseating horror-filled experience when you think they've gone. So glad he was found safe and sound.

confusedofengland Fri 30-Aug-13 17:30:08

Well, today has been NSD, which is great. However, I fear I have made a great big fool of myself. We went for a big (30+ families) group picnic at a local massive park. Having a lovely time, DS2 asleep in pushchair after a hard morning at nursery, DS1 off playing with friends, me chatting with lovely mums. Then, when the time came to fetch DS1 to take them home, I could not find him shock I looked round the whole huge play area 3 times to no avail, then started panicking. About 5 or 6 other mums plus older siblings joined in the search, and I was in tears blush He was found in a hidey hole after about 15 minutes. Feel very blush though, as I only really knew about 4 of these other mums well, the others I have maybe seen around, and they probably think I am a silly person who cries at nothing now! Maybe pg hormones is a good excuse wink

rogue grown up DCs sound expensive...

roguepixie Fri 30-Aug-13 16:12:19

On the plus side hmmconfused ... I was chosen to test the Mr Muscle Touch-Up Cleaner so got sent a bottle for free. As Tesco says...every little bit helps smile.

roguepixie Fri 30-Aug-13 16:03:59

Congrat's to fluffy and confused for getting your house's sorted. flowers brew cake and wine tonight for you grin.

Can't even begin to think about what I have spent goes:

£20.00 haircut for DS. He is "at that age" where only salons will do shock.
£90.00 on school shoes for DS ... I know, I know. It's an obscene amount but he takes adult shoes.
£70.00 on underwear: vest, pants etc.
£201.00 on blazer, trousers (x2), scarf, beanie, PE shorts and vest top, tie, bag, gloves (x2).
£30.00 on pencils, pencil case, geometry set etc etc.
Total: £419.00 <<<faint emoticon>>>

I am off for a lie down and a stiff drink.

AdoraBell Fri 30-Aug-13 13:39:51

Congrats Fluffy

shock at BT, I'd try what Artimas suggested.

Northender, hope everything goes Well with DD and she recovers quickly.

Today I need to pick up bits for the dogs.

confusedofengland Fri 30-Aug-13 09:31:17

Lots of house moving going on! Congrats to Fluffy and Artemisat It is definitely an expensive business, though. We have found that our new house has a prepayment electricity meter, so need to change this before we can shop around for the best deal. Also, we have replaced all our locks, just to be on the safe side, which cost £120. And we still need more furniture (bed for me & DH, bigger sofa), which we will get from Ebay, but it still all adds up. This weekend the ILS are coming down & helping us to rip out all the old carpets (5 bedrooms, lounge, dining room), so we'll hire a van to take those to the tip. Still, it's great to be in smile

Northender hope your DD will be OK

Today should be NSD. Off to friend's house shortly, with instructions not to take cakes like I usually do! Then picnic at the park with DS1's new school friends (who we know from preschool). Then home to wait for ILs.

ArtemisatBrauron Fri 30-Aug-13 08:35:06

fluffy can you transfer the broadband to your new house rather than leaving and setting up a new account? We did that when we moved in August and it was free, plusnet did it all and we had internet and phone in the new place the day after arrival!

ArtemisatBrauron Fri 30-Aug-13 08:33:59

flowers to confused and fluffy for your new homes! I have been awol due to house move, necessitating a huge amount of expense, some of which went on credit cards...

Need to get back on track and start saving up!

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 30-Aug-13 06:56:09

broadband, not B2B angry

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 30-Aug-13 06:55:27

I Have a house too! since 11am on Wednesday shock but no B2B. bastard bt want £65 leaving fees angry

AdoraBell Fri 30-Aug-13 03:29:07

NSD Today.

northender Thu 29-Aug-13 09:41:32

Oh confused I'm so glad it's gone through at last. You must be so relieved.
Good week so far spending wise. Should be NSD today. Still need school shirts for ds and shoes for dd.
Dd goes in to have her perforated eardrum repaired on Tuesday and has to be kept off school for 2 more weeks after so that will keep spending down but we'll be stir crazy by the end!

Pluto Wed 28-Aug-13 21:16:17

Blimey confused that is a triple whammy of big events. Exciting times! Good luck with the move.

DS2 starts school next week too, so I also spent the afternoon buying up the last items from the uniform list. Clarks was heaving but I had my smug face on as I had booked a shoe fitting appointment. Didn't stop them from charging me £58 for 2 pairs of shoes though, which undoubtedly he will have outgrown by half term. I am not even daring to check if DS1 fits into anything after the summer hols growth expensive teen.

Good news is that last Thursday's food shop, which came to £43, is going to keep us going into the weekend. DH is on a diet and we seem to be saving a lot on grub!

confusedofengland Wed 28-Aug-13 18:09:14

Back from my shopping spree. It was not pretty. £28 in Clarks for DS1's school shoes, need to go back for DS2, but might get some in the sale. £22 in Mothercare on a maternity swimsuit & laundry marker pen. £6 in B&Q as the locks we bought were dearer than the ones we took back iywsim. £20.02 on diesel from Sainsbury. Then, finally, £24 in Tesco on champagne (half-price, have to celebrate house purchase, I will have small glass!), orange juice, nappies, mouthwash & a couple of fridge bits.

Tomorrow have promised to take DS1 swimming as we didn't go on holiday, plus have to pay nursery £230.

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