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Tesco Everyday Value Ready Salted Crisps 12 packs 66p

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MinimalistMommi Sat 27-Jul-13 13:16:02

I bought these yesterday for a picnic to a National Trust Property. I was expecting them to be rubbish but they were fine!
The children even said how nice they were and were perfectly content with them along side their cheese and salad sandwiches I had made from homemade bread grin
I was pleased as each pack only contains 18g rather then 25g which they didn't even notice. We don't have crisps at home so they were still a treat!
While I was in the shop I compared them to the Tesco own brand version but in the coloured pack and these seemed slightly 'healthier' in that they seemed to have less fat and salt. There always seems to be the assumption that the very cheap stuff is more unhealthy but it's not always the case.

I also bought the Tesco Jaffa Cakes for 50p for 12. They were just as good as the original Jaffa cakes, there were only 11 in the pack though...angry

The bag of crisps will last us three picnics as we are family of four...not bad for 66p grin

We plan on doing plenty of picnics this summer so I'm trying to make the treaty bits as inexpensive as possible for anything that I don't usually buy organic or I don't make myself.

Uptheairymountain Sun 18-Aug-13 22:31:44

The value fromage frais is healthier than many premium brands - especially Petits Filous - so definitely worth buying.

SoWorriedPleaseHelp Tue 20-Aug-13 23:39:21

Have tried and liked tesco value;

Jaffa cake
Fairy cakes
Milk chocolate digestive bar
Lasagne sheets
Grated cheese
Corn beef
Wafer thin ham
Chicken breast
Whole chicken
Orange squash

SoWorriedPleaseHelp Tue 20-Aug-13 23:41:08

Cereal hoops
Fromage frais

MinimalistMommi Thu 22-Aug-13 18:03:55

Tried the everyday value Jaffa cakes rather than the Tesco brand in posher box, juts as nice :D

NotintheMiddle Thu 22-Aug-13 18:12:53

Just bought the Tesco Everyday Value pull ups for 2 year old ds for night time. £1.41 for 18 and they are fab. A little big for him (he's right at the bottom of the weight range) but they are soft, and not plasticy like the Tesco Value Nappies used to be.

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