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Help please, I am really desperate for some advice

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mummyoftwodarlings81 Tue 25-Jun-13 10:38:18

I have just lost my job and for the first time im on benefits but this doesnt cover my mortgage my mortgage was taken as soon as the benefit hit my account which has taken all the money in my account and had left me over my overdraft.. this was two weeks ago since then i have had no money and with two young children I am desperate for any advice from anyone that can help.

I lost my job on the 3rd of May and due to the fact id only being there 13 months i didn't get any redundancy payment i called my local council for help and they had a food service that provided food for 5 days i have managed to make that last two weeks and i am currently trying to sell everything i own and the childrens toys and clothes due to a couple of sales i have managed to buy milk and bread.

I have always worked so benefits is a minefield the service i used for the food is a one off service that i cannot use again i'm am desperately in need of money to feed the children and pay my household bills and i am really unsure of what to do

Also i would like any advice on selling my items i set up a facebook page as i couldnt pay the fees on ebay so any help with this would be greatly appreciated

I am really surprised how quickly this has happened i have never been out of work before so thought i would get something straight away as i have both qualifications and over 15 years experience in my role... I also thought i was been sensible putting money away fr the children rather than myself but when i have tried to access this I was told i couldnt as its in a child trust fund but surely the children need the money now to help house and feed them so if anyone knows anyway i can get to this money this would be of immense help

Any advice would be great as i really dont know where to turn

Charlesroi Wed 26-Jun-13 15:05:17

Energy supplier social tariffs

Free stuff

Sure Start if you have a child under four you could get vouchers for milk, fruit and veg.

Some supermarkets start reducing stuff around lunchtime (our local Asda and Morrisons do). You won't get the biggest discount but should be at least 25%.

Also the Jobcentres have free phones you can use for calling the payments people in Glasgow(they have the real power and can get you quicker payments) and (I think) for phoning about jobs. Btw, your bank are not allowed to take your benefits to pay bank charges, so keep an eye on that. Maybe open a new basic account to have your benefits paid in to?

I'd also call HMR&C and see if you are entitled to a tax rebate for this year. Bit of a long shot I'll admit, but you never know (and they are quite pleasant and helpful).

fuckwittery Wed 26-Jun-13 21:08:55

How did it go at the CAB today, did you manage to get another referral to food bank or any other source of help? Do you have something to eat today?

damnitdamnit Mon 01-Jul-13 12:29:53

Do you have any insurance with your mortgage that will kick in if you loose your job? This happened to SIL last year and she had some type of insurance,

Proof of benefit should be enough fit school to give free school dinners out.

There are loads of existing fb groups for leeds just search leeds buying and selling on eBay.

loopyloou Tue 02-Jul-13 19:22:28

mummyoftwodarlings I'm near Leeds and may soon be in a similar situation. Dh was made redundant Friday with little warning. We have no mortgage insurance as he was on temporary contracts. I have enough money to cover the bills for one month and am very scared it will take a long time for him to find a job. We are speaking to our mortgage company Friday and claiming everything we can.

If you are nearby pm me and you could come over for a coffee. I even still have flour in the cupboard to bake a cake at the moment!

loopyloou Tue 02-Jul-13 19:29:36

Could you put up a notice in the local supermarket, offering cleaning service and take your little one with you if needs be? (Not sure of age, sorry) you would get cash in hand. You could charge £8 to £10 per hour.

McNo Tue 02-Jul-13 19:34:03

If you are on a qualifying benefit could you apply for a crisis loan from the job eccentric, it will be taken back from your benefits over a period of time but it would allow you to buy some essentials if you qualify for it

I am aware of some social services departments assisting families financially in times of crisis, might be worth a phone call

Really hope you get things sorted out soon, you sound very pro active so I'm sure this is a temporary situation for you and your family

McNo Tue 02-Jul-13 19:34:49

Silly typo job centre not eccentric shock

ladybird999 Wed 03-Jul-13 22:26:05

Contact your local CAB, Citizens Advice Bureau, urgently. They are beyond brilliant.
And will assess and tell you what your are entitled to.

You should be getting several Benefits.

Do not delay, because things take weeks to action and they do not back date. You will only receive the Benefits from the date you apply for the form(s).

Do not do what I have done, trying to manage anymore. By selling, borrowing, etc, it does not go far enough.

I have two children on the autistic spectrum, am recently on benefits and it has been chaotic, because I tried to manage as you have done, which is very noble, but exhausting and you should not have to go through this - wish I had gone to CAB sooner.

Am considering having my Debts, (huge) written off, they can help with that too.

Today fell into despair for the first time, but reading your post has helped, it is not just me going through this, and I can help others. I hope. If you do one thing at a time, tomorrow, call CAB.

All the very best.

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