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Home bargains with a minute budget!

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StuffezLaYoni Sat 22-Jun-13 15:58:40

Well, it's week 4 of the month so I had to do an extremely tight shop this morning. (Fifteen quid for the week's food, plus cat meat.)
So I chose really carefully and between Aldi and Tesco managed to cobble some ok, if not nutritionally great, dinners to last until Fri. Then I realised I'd forgotten the two items I really needed - bin liners and washing powder. I had two pounds fifty in purse and decided to try Home Bargains and bloody hell - I got both for under that amount! I am so impressed. I've had wine from there, which was extremely reasonable, but not home stuff. Anyone else shop there? Anything particularly good there?

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 22-Jun-13 17:40:23

I buy all my astonish cleaners in there, they are BUAV approved and only a £1 each.

StuffezLaYoni Sat 22-Jun-13 17:50:32

Astonish you say? Hmm! Is that like a range of cleaning stuff? I will look out for it. I do think savers is quite good for cleaning stuff too.

moggiek Sat 22-Jun-13 17:50:36

Yes, really good value for money.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 22-Jun-13 18:15:39

Savers do astonish, I like the BUAV. I like them so much I donated £100 by mistake instead of £10 this morning and now I have to ring them Monday and hope they refund me.

StuffezLaYoni Sat 22-Jun-13 18:25:46

Oh god, I saw that thread this morning and cringed! I do hope you get it back!!

confusedofengland Sun 23-Jun-13 07:48:50

They are great for birthday presents for kids too - eg a
Thomas book with a little set of plastic figures for less than £5.

Their website is worth checking out, you can reserve things online & pick up in store website

bunnylovesalan Sun 23-Jun-13 08:53:28

Astonish is brillent for cleaning burnt pans. Junk food is cheap there instead of buying from the cinema as well, along with alcohol!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 23-Jun-13 10:19:44

That astonish paste you mentioned is nearly £3 in lakeland but only 85p in homebargains, it's things like that that got me being frugal in the first place.

MortifiedAdams Sun 23-Jun-13 10:24:12

Home Bargains is marvrlous. Got a little book there for dd which is magnetic and comes with magnetic trains she can stick on each page. £2.99!

They do party plates / cups / napkins in a cath kidston stle for pennies.

Their stationary is great.

PearlyWhites Mon 24-Jun-13 12:37:14

I have never heard it called by its proper name before, it's always home and bargain where I live.

Hamwidgeandcheps Wed 26-Jun-13 20:40:15

I'm newly converted. I bought dd1 a set of garden tools there for 1.99 (there were 3 in the pack) which were 4.99 each in the garden centre. I also bought her a Baba Pink from clogs babies (a soft doll about 10'') for 6 quid that was 25 in hamleys.
Washing gel tablet things v cheap in there but v good. I also buy soda crystals and dry goods. It was the toys that amazed me though - loads of branded stuff much cheaper grin

I will be calling it home and bargain now though grin

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