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Tips for sticking to a budget

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I need help with sticking to a budget! I can write one but never seem to be able to stick to it!

I have some largish purchase in the next year or so (bunk beds for DD2 and DD3, school uniform for DD1 starting secondary school, my chest of drawers has fallen apart, rooms upstairs need painting after younger 2 DDs drew on the walls ect ect!)

Can I have your budget tips please?

Raaraathenoisybaby Mon 10-Jun-13 18:07:39

Hi op, in Plymouth also and on a budget. Have a mooch around the second hand shops around union street for bunk beds and plan to sand and paint them. That's my plan. Look on free cycle for them too. I have removed drawing on walls with nail polish remover and meths in the past. When dd1 got creative I rang the landlord to find out what the paint colour was and I buy a tester pot now and then for touch ups. Mine is crown magnolia so that's quite easy. If you rent from an agent and they have a DIY bloke he might even give you a bit for touch ups if its a big standard colour.

Eating out is a big spend for me too. I like to get out and shots with the kids a lot. My latest thing is to stay at home until after lunch then go out until tea time then you just need drinks and snacks.

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