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Judicious June... the frugaleers continue!

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ArtemisatBrauron Tue 28-May-13 19:40:07

For those who like to plan ahead... smile god why is it not pay day already...

shortscotty Sat 29-Jun-13 13:14:47

Bought birthday pressie £25 co-op drop in £ and £2.30 in chemist for bandage cos my foot is hurting when I walk

Helenagrace Sat 29-Jun-13 17:40:50

Takeaway I beat you in the Aldi mega shop race...I just spent £300!!

That's all my non perishables for the month - plus 7 bottles of winegrin. Also bought all my perishables for this week.

Till operator was highly unimpressed with our two trolley extravaganza!

takeaway2 Sat 29-Jun-13 17:47:16

Omg Helena! How did you fit it all in the car and in your house? Am v impressed. What sort of non perishables did you get? We seem to run out of stuff and when I go and get milk/bread/fruit and veg once a week I tend to top up meat and any other frozen stuff!

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 29-Jun-13 18:42:21

£9 biotin supplements for my hair

£4 superdrug fake tan cos its BUAV approved

£6.50 eb threading.

KinkyDorito Sat 29-Jun-13 18:49:33

Impressed with mega shops. £90 in Aldi must have been lots to pack!! (Let alone the £300)

Helenagrace Sat 29-Jun-13 20:08:54

Lol it just about fitted in to the boot of a seven seat Picasso!

That's literally everything except fruit, veg, milk and bread for the month. I already have most of my meat in so I just need three joints from the butchers.

It's a pain to do such a big shop but my nearest Aldi is a 16 mile round trip so it's only worth going for a monster shop like that.

I'll just use my local co op for milk and bread, the butchers and the green grocers for the rest of the month.

ExasperatedSigh Sat 29-Jun-13 20:09:56

£300 in Aldi! Respect grin

We can't do monthly shops because our kitchen (well, our whole house) is so tiny that there's nowhere to store loads of supplies.

Have spent quite a bit the last few days - payday so not especially frugaleering. Sorted the garden out today, it looks lovely smile

takeaway2 Sat 29-Jun-13 20:25:24

Wow. Still wow. Our £90 was things like Bourbon biscuits for 32p (!), tea, cereal, bread and related bread like stuff, eggs, crisps, coke, fruit, veg, pizza, cheese, milk, large chicken, mince, ice cream, nappies, cleaning stuff, lelly lolly lookalike shoes for £8, 2 pairs of sunglasses for kids at £2.99 each... Husband wanted a gazebo! I said no. grin

Helenagrace Sat 29-Jun-13 21:22:14

We have a walk in pantry well it's walk in when we haven't done a mega Aldi shop .

Actually we probably have six weeks worth of stuff like fabric conditioner, washing tablets, soap, shower gel, shampoo. I also bought moisturisers from there because the serum stuff is great - and a fifth of the price of the Boots one!

I'll probably only spend another £100 all month and we'll still be eating well.

Just remembered I will have to go to another supermarket as I'm out of puff pastry but I don't think Aldi sell that anyway!

northender Sat 29-Jun-13 22:14:50

helena aldi now do butter puff pastry. I have some in the freezer. Its in the chiller area and obv much cheaper than jusrol or similar smile

Helenagrace Sat 29-Jun-13 22:28:23

Oooh thanks for that northender. Aldi used to do fab frozen puff pastry for pennies. Then they stopped it. I never thought to look in the chiller cabinet. Will do next time!

AdoraBell Sat 29-Jun-13 23:48:18

NSD here, will catch up later as not long been in and I really should start thinking about dinner.

AdoraBell Sun 30-Jun-13 03:11:00

Adding to the praise here, £300 in ALDI awsome grin

So, We've been out, DDs have had some fun and OH didn't buy the vitaminas he needs.

SpangleMaker Sun 30-Jun-13 08:06:50

Helena - Wow, I can't even imagine how you handled the checkout with a £300 shop. My £50 shop filled the conveyer belt and I could hardly throw it in the trolley fast enough.

Super spendy weekend here, but all planned spending . IKEA and John Lewis today for house stuff; DH is attempting to limit marketplace spending by fitting in both shops in one day so I simply won't have time to get anything I don't needgrin. I suppose this is sensible <sigh>

Yesterday I booked flights to Italy for our holiday £540 all in for 4 of us. We'll be staying with my Dad so there won't be much additional cost. We have debated at length whether we should not go this year because of the house costs but decided in the end it would be good to have some time to focus on the DC, esp DS as he starts school in Sept. We can just about afford it if we're careful - so I will definitely be here next month!

roguepixie Sun 30-Jun-13 12:16:31

£300 !!!!!!! Wow. Just wow. grin Total respect. I bow to your shopping prowess. The only time I come close to that is Costco.

So, yesterday was a nightmare, spent £6.20 on tube fares that I didn't need to make sad. Am going to make DH claim them back from work seeing as I was making a trip to the Passport Office for a duplicate passport he needs for his job. Apparently the letter his work provided wasn't correct so I'll need to go again. Their mistake so they can bloody well reimburse me.

Spent £1.50 on a cup of tea waiting for my appointment time but don't think they'll reimburse that wink smile. Other than that didn't spend anything.

Tomorrow I need to post some Ebay sales off but technically NS as postal costs factored in.

Am also going to switch back to using fruit and veg man - it's cheaper, I get more, it's local (and not a big corporation) and it tends to taste better - the carrots actually taste of carrots!!! shock. My search for a tomato that tastes nice continues ... grin

We are basking in lovely sunny weather here today ... so nice to see blue skies and that big ball of yellow fun smile. I hope everyone is having a great day?

MamaTo2FabBoys Sun 30-Jun-13 17:38:25

Finally a nsd so 11/16. Cya all next month xx

takeaway2 Sun 30-Jun-13 21:03:02

Is there a new thread for tomorrow??

So we decided to have a picnic today as it was boiling. Yay. Managed to get a picnic together with stuff in the fridge in 10 min. Amazing. grin

Dh spent some money on ice creams. I have £5 to church. Bought a suitcase for £39 at m&s which I was happy about (been trying to get new bag for 2 years now??). And coffee at costa (9?). Oh and some toys that were on discount for future birthday presents for kids birthday parties. Hoping for NSD tomorrow. Will bring food to work.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 30-Jun-13 21:11:17

89p in homebargains berrocca knock offs.

£20 petrol.

AdoraBell Mon 01-Jul-13 02:51:20

another NSD here, glad you've had some decent weather. Rogue DH should be able to claim that money surely, and the return trip?

Not sure what I'm doing next week, I'll decide after DDs go to school in the morning. OH seems more relaxed this weekend.

roguepixie Mon 01-Jul-13 06:30:17

New thread for everyone ... see you there

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