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Tesco everyday value

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lucamom Thu 23-May-13 12:13:39

I'm pretty frugal, thought I was being clever only ever buying dishwasher tablets when half price, but this week decided the try Tesco value tablets. Absolutely no difference to the Finish/powerball/ariel etc. we usually use.

The Finish ones are usually £12 for 36 (I got them for £6 last week), Tesco value £1.60 for 30.

Theas18 Tue 06-Aug-13 11:52:12

We use the value washing liquid and softener. Does the job as well as anything else I think...

SoWorriedPleaseHelp Tue 06-Aug-13 21:05:50

Has anyone tried the value butter?

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 06-Aug-13 21:09:38

Yes, I used to bake with it. It's just butter at the end of the day.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 06-Aug-13 21:22:48

On hotdealsuk it says kerrygold butter is two for £2 tomorrow.

That's cheaper than sp.

stealthsquiggle Tue 06-Aug-13 21:46:31

I always use value butter (or anything on offer which makes it cheaper) for baking.

SoWorriedPleaseHelp Wed 07-Aug-13 10:34:15

I used value mixed herbs with success, however the value thyme is awful!! Have had to throw my dinner away twice as I felt I was eating bits of wood!!

Anyone else had this issue or was mine a dodgy batch?

SoWorriedPleaseHelp Wed 07-Aug-13 10:34:46

Value Jaffa cakes are yummy!

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 07-Aug-13 10:50:04

It might have been a bad batch, take it back and ask for a refund/credit note. Why should you lose out?

The ethnic aisle is the place to shop, 400g of curry powder is 1.99!

Growing herbs from a £ shop kit is even cheaper.

FoofFighter Wed 07-Aug-13 18:03:53

Loves here include:

Value Mozzarella balls, around 50p each shock
Value tinned rice pudding
Value tinned mushy peas (need a glug of salt and vinegar in though!)
Value mutligrain crackers - new discovery from last week when i just entered VALUE into the online thing - very small, smaller than a tuc but same kind of texture and v tasty!
Value frozen skinless chicken breasts - HUGE! and they don't shrink really either.
Value Scotch eggs
Value Hummus - a bit coarser in texture but I like that.
Value liver and bacon pate - the ones in a "sausage" shape, great on toast for breakfast

Also a big fan of the world foods/ethnic foods aisle, things like herbs, spices, rice, chickpeas etc are far far far far cheaper than in the normal aisles.

IamMummyhearmeROAR Thu 08-Aug-13 22:25:03

I had a bowl of EV Coco Pops tonight. Really nice, crunchier than the branded cereal

FoofFighter Fri 09-Aug-13 08:54:12

Another new discovery to add to my thumbs up list -

Value Maple and Pecan Crisp cereal - bloody gorgeous!! Could see it made into granola style bars/homemade hobnobs type biscuits too.

SoWorriedPleaseHelp Sat 10-Aug-13 19:06:16

Dh has reliably informed me that the value crunchy peanut butter is nice and so is the value corned beef.

GangstersLoveToDance Sun 11-Aug-13 06:48:34

Agree with a pp - pretty much the only Tesco Value thing that I've thought is crap was their Rice Crispies. Hard and tasteless and nothing at all like the real thing. The dc refused to eat them.

Things I regularly buy in Value -
Dishwasher tabs
Washing up liquid (sooo cheap...30p ish)
Kitchen roll and toilet paper
Tinned tomatoes
Tomato puree
Scones (50p a pack and lovely)
Tinned tuna and tinned sardines
Natural Yoghurt
Orange juice
Probably loads more too!

All no better/worse than standard Tesco or in most cases branded things.

knickyknocks Thu 15-Aug-13 19:29:11

Loving this thread! Another convert to the dishwasher tablets.

In our cupboards are EV
Bran flakes
dried fruit
tinned toms
biscuits including chocolate wafer biscuits (plain.or milk - bought initially as were less calories than branded diet biscuits and massively cheaper by at least a pound)
always use EV butter for baking along with EV flour - could never tell the difference in cakes or biscuits to the branded varieties
Have tried the crisps and would say great if on a diet as not many to a pack grin

Going to give some of the other products a go.

Octopus37 Sat 17-Aug-13 19:53:17

My OH likes Everyday Value Sweet & Sour Chicken (95p), my DS's like the Spag Bol. Like the polish, foil and handy wipes. O, have also bought cartons of juice and tomato puree. Plan to try the dishwasher tablets and give the jaffa cakes a whirl, as spent far too much money on after school snacks last year.

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