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Tesco everyday value

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lucamom Thu 23-May-13 12:13:39

I'm pretty frugal, thought I was being clever only ever buying dishwasher tablets when half price, but this week decided the try Tesco value tablets. Absolutely no difference to the Finish/powerball/ariel etc. we usually use.

The Finish ones are usually £12 for 36 (I got them for £6 last week), Tesco value £1.60 for 30.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 23-May-13 12:24:34

Try breaking them in half.

specialsubject Thu 23-May-13 13:26:30

there probably is no difference. Most of these things are made in the same factory.

dingit Thu 23-May-13 13:27:53

I buy finish from poundland, 10 in a pack. Will give value ones a whirl!

IamMummyhearmeROAR Thu 23-May-13 13:54:47

I use Daisy which is cheap but not as cheap so may try Everyday Value next then! I tried Everyday Value kidney beans this week and was pleasantly surprised

coco4242 Thu 23-May-13 13:56:07

Lidl dishwasher tabs are fab

coco4242 Thu 23-May-13 13:56:19

Well as fab as dishwasher tablets can be!

I like the value ones as they are powder rather than film covered. The film leaves an awful feeling that only i seem to feel on the dishes.

I buy a lot of value things they are all made by big brands for tesco anyway, it's just tesco packaging.

sparkle12mar08 Thu 23-May-13 17:55:46

Tesco Value came very high in Which? tests not so long ago, only just behind the premium Finish tablets on results, and massively better on money value, of course.

poachedeggs Thu 23-May-13 18:03:52

Try the pittas, fish fingers, soft cheese, and baking basics. Also peanut butter natural yogurt, root veg and instant hot chocolate. All perfectly fine (I wouldn't even have hot chocolate otherwise, but it's actually really nice! ) smile

lucamom Fri 24-May-13 17:22:15

Thanks poachedeggs, I'll give them a try.

Can personally recommend tesco value: deodorant, shaving foam (me for legs, Dh for face, same list if ingredients as his previous Gillette one), tinned toms, penne pasta, dried apricots, sultanas.

Kids have just had value chocolate-covered digestive bar thingies and asked for another, yesterday they had the ready salted crisps and said they were nice.

serin Sun 26-May-13 19:10:18

We use their value ketchup in a squirty bottle. It is fine and costs about 20p.

Cashews are nice as well.

dizzydo Tue 28-May-13 13:35:48

Another vote here for their value dishwasher tabs. Fab - super clean every time. I don't want to think about how much I've spent on Finish over the years

Virgil Tue 28-May-13 15:04:11

We've had the Tesco value yoghurts with the strawberry compote this lunchtime (muller corner copies). They were really nice.

The value spaghetti is fine as are the lasagne sheets. I can't tell any difference whatsoever from the premium stuff apart from the fact that the value spaghetti is 19p a pack.

DHs best friend is high up in Sainsburys and told us that their basic brand is usually exactly the same product as their standard line.

Virgil Tue 28-May-13 15:05:52

Value flour is also fine (and less than half the price of the standard range). I bake a lot and can't tell the difference as long as its sifted before use

nkf Tue 28-May-13 15:11:57

The value juice is fine too. Also.the value pasta.

somebloke123 Tue 28-May-13 15:21:44

The value peppers only differ from the standard ones, as far as I can see, in the fact that they are of less uniform size.

KatAndKit Wed 29-May-13 14:56:44

I think that is true of most of the fruit and veg. Who cares if the sizes of the potatoes in the bag are mismatched?!

jeebie1984 Thu 30-May-13 04:55:58

I love tesco!! Now I wont set foot in a sainsburys because I get twice as much for my money shopping in tesco. (Even on named brands!)

Awakeagain Thu 30-May-13 06:27:13

We buy the double strength squash by the bucket load and also the dishwasher tablets (which I'm pretty sure are exactly the same as morrisons cheepo ones wink)

I'm inspired by all the 'value' purchases I may have to have a go
I'd save loads

MatureUniStudent Wed 19-Jun-13 20:36:59

I don't think the value bio washing powder is any good at removing stains from school uniforms like a branded powder is. And with the value dishwasher tablets you need to cost in rinse aid. The value ham the DC say is "soapy"?!?

But the value pancakes and crumpets are great after school snack fodder. I know times are hard as our Tesco never stocked many value products but now it does.

bunnylovesalan Sun 23-Jun-13 08:45:55

I love Tesco value quiche, weetabix are a bit smaller but they are still fine and rice as well! Sadly, don't have the luxury of a dishwasher so can't comment!

pumpkinsweetie Sun 23-Jun-13 09:02:02

I always buy value potatoes, £1.12 for a huge bag and 69p for small potatoes. The choc & vanilla value mini rolls, value choc chip cake bars & choc wafers are all staples for kids in my house, aswell as the value squash. They are treated well but when when particulary skint tescos is a godsend!!

The only things i wouldn't buy value, is washing up liq as it's a false economy, margarine & the bread as it's awful.

bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Sun 23-Jun-13 09:04:29

500g of value cornflakes is only 31p and they taste great. Nice & crunchy, don't get that doggy cardboard feel about them.

IamMummyhearmeROAR Fri 05-Jul-13 19:37:37

We like the garlic bread, tomato purée, jaffa cakes, small lunch box cartons of juice and the chocolate digestive bars. I've now tried the dish tabs and am a total convert!

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