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Aldi Mother & Baby event 30th May

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Happiestinwellybobs Sat 18-May-13 19:44:36

My new favourite shop - just browsing what Sundays special buys are, and spotted this smile

weebleknievel Sun 19-May-13 14:18:57

Thank you for posting this!

Happiestinwellybobs Thu 30-May-13 09:35:49

Just stocked up with 78 nappies for £7.49, swim nappies - £2.49, really good potties and toilet seats -£4.

They have loads of tommee tippee stuff, blankets, travel cot pushchair etc!!! A lot of it is too young for DD but if I had a baby I would have bought loads smile

siobhan122 Thu 30-May-13 14:22:32

does anyone know how long this event is on for? was there at 8am this morning stocking up on goodies lol! but there is more there i want to get x

Happiestinwellybobs Thu 30-May-13 15:24:12

I think it's as long as the stock lasts. We went 2 weeks ago to get the poncho beach towels and there were a few still there, just in a different part of the store.

bunnylovesalan Sun 23-Jun-13 08:58:33

Still got the boxes of nappies at my local Aldi

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