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Some ideas for everyone!

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MinimalistMommi Tue 07-May-13 11:11:46

I have no printer either sad
I'm not convinced on how much 'healthy' food you can get via coupons though.

Rosvita Tue 07-May-13 10:52:43

Wow amazing I have no printer though!

wow! wish he'd come and do our shopping

i never know where to get coupons from. ive seen that american show where they go coupon mad and would love to try it. i like the idea.

MinimalistMommi Tue 07-May-13 10:24:15

Also this link here:

MinimalistMommi Tue 07-May-13 10:12:18

MinimalistMommi Tue 07-May-13 10:12:07

MinimalistMommi Tue 07-May-13 10:11:29

This is one of the links he talks about:

MinimalistMommi Tue 07-May-13 10:07:59

Wow! That's incredible! Maybe we should start a thread for coupons?

Does anyone use coupons like this and actually get free stuff? I can imagine money off but not completely free...

BackforGood Mon 06-May-13 21:51:55

No-one browsing credit crunch today then ?

BackforGood Mon 06-May-13 13:26:36

Have you seen this lad ?
Bit extreme maybe, but wow! What a saving!

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