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Utilities/household things etc for a six month lease

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Zorra Sun 10-Mar-13 11:20:41

So I am taking a 6-month lease on a house, and hope to really just be there for six months. I will need to set up utilities, broadband etc (can't decide on TV yet). It seems that most places have a 12-month contract with a penalty clause for leaving early, plus I remember being billed for a full year up front by water companies etc.

Has anyone negotiated 6-month contracts with companies? I'm also worried that I'm just going to get a really raw deal because of the time-span. Grateful for any ideas!

specialsubject Sun 10-Mar-13 11:55:42

it's not a problem for water, gas and electric, you just pay for as long as you are there. Same for TV licence.

for phone and broadband, the post office aren't the cheapest but do a month on month deal so no tie-in.

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