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Aldi second to Waitrose in Which supermarket survey - beats M&S & Sainsburys

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Ponders Thu 21-Feb-13 14:51:11

"Our supermarket survey asked 11,492 Which? members in October 2012 about the supermarkets they've shopped at over the last six months. Each was rated for customer service, filling your trolley, fresh produce quality, pricing and store environment.
The ‘filling your trolley’ rating covered product range, how easy it is to find items and how likely they are to be in stock. While the pricing rating covers value for money and special offers.
The overall customer score is a combination of customer satisfaction and the likelihood they’d recommend it to a friend."

Ponders Thu 21-Feb-13 14:43:20

For the benefit of all those people who think Aldi is just cheap & nasty grin here are the percentages

Supermarkets rated
The full list of best and worst supermarkets ranked in our survey

Waitrose 82%
Aldi 74%
Lidl 69%
Marks & Spencer 68%
Morrisons 59%
Sainsbury?s 58%
Asda 53%
The Co-operative 48%
Tesco 45%

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