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Miserly March? Make plans here...

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Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 16-Feb-13 20:37:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IsThatTrue Thu 28-Feb-13 17:41:34

Today I spent £4.49 on a new snowsuit for ds2 from eBay, £1 on play group and £1.47 on milk. Not bad considering I managed to only but milk and was looking at £20+ snowsuits before. I feel very pleased with myself. Final check of the bank later tonight then I shall update on February's success.

Paintyourbox Thu 28-Feb-13 17:59:37


Can I join? I am back at work after mat leave but I am on a part-time, temporary contract that ends on March 31st.

Really scared to think I might have no work so having to be as frugal as possible to make my money stretch.

My main aims for this month are to start shopping locally, only buy something if its replacing old/broken items and carry on denyingyself takeaways (gave them up for lent!)

Paintyourbox Thu 28-Feb-13 18:00:18

I mean denying myself silly iPhone

Hoopsadazy Thu 28-Feb-13 19:20:32

Cool, thanks! Will be making sure I do all the spuds next time.

Leilandri Thu 28-Feb-13 19:34:30

Spent £2.73 in Morrisons today, on ham, spread and chocbars for packed lunches.

Also treated myself to a Groupon deal for a local massage parlour. 75 min full body massage, and a facial for £24, instead of the usual £87. Would never normally pay out for this, and certainly never full price, but I've been doing overtime, so I deserve it! Will redeem the voucher in April, when I next have annual leave grin

My goals for March -
1) Take lunch to work with me to stop spending in canteen.
2) Bake more cakes/biscuits so DH can snack on cheaper alternatives in the evenings, as stopping him from snacking is impossible hmm
3) Get through the month without spending any financial handouts from Dmum. Would be lovely to hand the money back to her at the end of the month with a "Thanks, but we didn't need it"
4) Photo and list all of DS's too small clothes, and excess toys on local FB selling site/gumtree, then KEEP the money, so that we can enjoy some days out.

Oh, a bit late in the day, but the Mirror has a £5 off £40 spend Aldi voucher in today, for anyone close to a newsagent!

MavisGrind Thu 28-Feb-13 20:16:53

Hello all, just pootling over from the Feb thread.

My goals for March are:

12 (at least) NSDs
NO dipping into my savings.
Getting another couple of hundred off my OD.
Using cash for all purchases and logging every last penny so I can see where it all goes (found this very useful in Feb).

It gets a bit spendy towards the end of the month but the first 3 weeks I have no excuse.

Will now go and catch up on the thread!

Daffyboobface Thu 28-Feb-13 20:25:19

Hi all. Aims this month are:

10 NSDs.
Keep flogging the clutter and SAVE the money.
Minimise accidental expenditure
No impulse buys of clothes. Always end up hating the things anyway.

Doing this to pay off overdraft, save for summer hols and generally be a bit more savvy with my cash.

Happy frugaleering people.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Thu 28-Feb-13 22:48:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IsThatTrue Thu 28-Feb-13 23:07:34

Hmm am I brave enough for the 31 bags? Do they have to be certain sizes? I'm not sure I could manage 31 carrier bags tbh but could do something everyday maybe I will although have a bag for car booting just need to wait for better weather.

AdoraBell Fri 01-Mar-13 02:28:10

<sneaks in under cover of the night>

March 1st is going To be an NSD for me. Today I refused To allow DDs To spend money on clothes, they have enough and need To get used To saving money. Until a few years ago the cost of living here was very low so we've all become spoilt. OH and I already know about lack of money, DDs are learning slowly.

Thingymajigs Fri 01-Mar-13 06:33:14

I'm going to attempt to do a big clear out too. I normally just throw things or pass it to my mum to sell at car boots for herself but I'm determined to sell them myself.
Aims for March:
Spend £200 or less on food shopping.
Sell unwanted items.
Due to a spendy week with birthday presents I'm hoping to get back on track with 5 NSD's next week and hopefully 15 over all.
Meal plan and quell dissent by threatening to go on strike. I have two picky eaters to appease, one of which is DP but I'm sticking to the plans.
Keep out of OD and put small amount in emergency fund or holiday savings.

wheredidiputit Fri 01-Mar-13 08:10:53

Today I will be spending about £15, as I have to go the the greengrocers and bread shop and tomorrow I go to the supermarket (only go once a week as I don't have a car during the week) and aiming to spend around £50. But I will log the actual spend later.

I will have a look at what offers they have on the large joints of meat. Last time I looked I got large joint of Pork for £10 and was able to cut into 3. Instead of paying £8 per joint.

Bejeena Fri 01-Mar-13 09:48:52

Morning ladies! Here we are.

My plan is:

- Clear out my freezer ready for defrosting in just before Easter.
- 100€ budget for the food shopping.
- Get myself sorted with maternity clothes without buying anything new, just recycling and adjusting old clothes.
- As always not to buy anything new unless absolutely essential (might possibly have to get some underwear and definitely bras as starting to pop out even of my sports ones)

BiddyPop Fri 01-Mar-13 10:16:11

Well, I hadn't meal planned this week (just badly organised), but I had prawn and veggie cury on Mon, pasta with leeks on Tues, fried up leftover roast lamb and made homefries with leftover roast potatoes with a fried egg (from MIL's hens!! yum) on Wed, and made a veggie sauce to have with pasta last night. So not bad and all from fridge/freezer.

Tonight its takeaway (DH is away so I budget to allow that) and I have lamb shanks to slowly cook in the oven tomorrow.

LillethTheCat Fri 01-Mar-13 11:44:53

So just come back from my weekly supermarket shop.

Now usually the till comes to around £120 shock (2 adults, 3 children, cat and dog) I was aiming for £80, but it was £97. So even though its not as low as I would have liked, its better than normal.

Now I thought that a direct debit (did originally write DD, but it looked like I was assuming either DD1 or DD2 would have left my bank) would have come out today for my water bill, but it hasn't. Im thinking that I have a month off this month and payments will start again in April? Ive not told DH this as he will only try to get me to spend it, so if I keep quiet about it, I can put it away for savings and he will never know.

So I have got over £70 in my bank with no Direct Debits coming out for a couple of weeks now. I have an appointment this aft will will cost £20, but that's it. Fingers crossed I can put a good chunk away on Thurs. (I get tax credits every friday)

I hope it gets addictive although I often have NSD (I never spend anything on Sat, Sun, Thurs anyway) and we always meal plan anyway.

wheredidiputit Fri 01-Mar-13 12:55:48

Well didn't go to the shops today. Raining so didn't want to walk there (I get wet enough going backwards and forwards from the school everyday). But will log what I spend tomorrow.

I have NSD most days as I only tend to go to the shops once a week.

Lulabellarama Fri 01-Mar-13 13:11:38

Well, I tried to spend on my lunch break, but failed.
My favourite bagels have just been reintroduced, after a 10 year hiatus, and I NEED some. Unfortunately they're sold out everywhere.
Still, it should make today my 4th consecutive NSD!

expectingnumber3 Fri 01-Mar-13 13:45:28

Popping over from Feb. Really need to get back on track this month!

Been rubbish for the last couple of weeks, spending way to much and ashamed to say not a single NSD for 10 days! And went mad at a Boden clearance sale, spent £105! Although did kit the dc's out for the summer so not too bad. Must do better in March tho!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Fri 01-Mar-13 14:32:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I'm going to carry on from Feb where I was noting down all my spending as it does make you think.

This month is meal planning month as there are too many top up shops.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 01-Mar-13 16:25:00

Hi everyone. Dropped of the February thread about halfway through but we managed to come in on budget.

March is going to be spendy, lots of birthdays including DS2 and DH, and we are having a party for DS2 and have invited 20 people.

Today has been an expensive start. Big shop delivered earlier which was £134 (lots of meat for the freezer including some lovely joints), and then I've managed to spend £38 in Sainsbury's this afternoon on medications for poorly DH, nappies and a few other bits.
Tomorrow we are going out for the day - shouldn't be too steep.
Sunday should be a NSD.

CremeEggThief Fri 01-Mar-13 16:41:12

<Waves at Ali. Nice to see you back smile>

Spendy day here too, but all budgeted for. Spent about £102 (jeans, shoes, school trousers for DS, medicine and vitamins and some shopping) altogether, but hoping for two NSDs this weekend, apart from milk and perhaps a newspaper.

Hope everyone has a good weekend smile.

Munchkin08 Fri 01-Mar-13 17:30:30

Hi just coming over from the February thread. Hello everyone.

Had a big shop at Costco (£160) middle of last month so still have a full freezer, cupboards are full so now must really stop entering a SM - keep saying 'only milk and fruit'. blush

Buying no new clothes till I've lost weight wink

Need to buy socks and tights for DD as she's grown x

IsThatTrue Fri 01-Mar-13 18:14:47

Well today isn't a NSD as I paid the dcs lunches, but I paid it for the whole term (plus 1day in case I forget before the go back after Easter) which means I don't have to worry about it again until the end if the Easter holidays. So that's £92.40. Standing orders went out for all 3 dcs pocket money for the month, and my birthday/Xmas savings. Direct debits for the big dcs child trust funds will go out in the next few days. I forgot to give in the cheque for ds1s footie training so will have to do that next week but the money is ready in the cheque book account so I might as well say its been paid today as I never touch that money once it's transferred.

On the making money side of things I've got some overtime this weekend, so that will help!

northender Fri 01-Mar-13 18:17:51

Disaster day for me today, discovered my car's MOT was very overdue. Lovely garage took it straight in but it needed loads of work doing to pass and needed a service so £340 total sad. Dh's car needed tax yesterday so that was another £130. We also need to pay £175 this month towards a weekend away for fil's 70th birthday.
On a brighter note, dh's car insurance is up for renewal in a fortnight and I've managed to get it down from £45 a month to £30 and that doesn't include the £75 cashback we'll get in 3 months smile
Other than that, about £6 for youth club, school disco and cricket practice.

My aims for March have now changed (!) and I think if we can end the month no worse than we started it will be great, if we manage to gain then even better.

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