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Anyone want to join/follow me on my January grocery spend challenge?

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mrscog Tue 01-Jan-13 20:56:09

Right, I'm now on the unpaid part of m/l and although we've saved to cover it, I'm trying to be as frugal as possible to make our money stretch.

I have £65 worth of nectar points, and this got me thinking - can I feed us (me & DH and DS 10 mo) for £65 in January!? The nectar points have 'set the budget' and I will use them when I shop in Sainsburys but I will also use Aldi, markets and any other store I come across.

My cupboards are fairly well stocked, but even so I will need to meal plan to the max!

I don't need to buy any nappies as I cloth nappy, I also BF so don't need to buy formula. I have tons of cleaning products and also clean very irregularly so this shouldn't be a problem. Loo roll is also sorted as I bought a huge amount from a wholesaler.

So - go go go! Had to buy milk today but that's all - £1.15 so far.

If anyone wants to join in with their own amount, please do!

mrscog Wed 09-Jan-13 15:20:57

Thanks princesschick no spending yet today, but I need to do a shop tonight to majorly replenish supplies! I'm going at 9pm though in the hope of getting some of the really marked down stuff. I've been meal planning though so hopefully I'll be able to get us things that last a while.

Breakfast staples again for breakfast (I found a bag of raisins in the cupboard which I never use in baking so I'm just going to have these in my porridge until they run out!) Then we all had pilchards on toast for lunch and DS had some stewed fruit and yoghurt as well.

CremeEggThief Wed 09-Jan-13 15:54:50

Yay! Keep going, mrscog smile.

mrscog Wed 09-Jan-13 20:49:34

Right - just got back from Sainsburys - spent £26.72, but got quite a lot of food for my money - managed to bag some of the really reduced things including a swede for 9p - so that's a lunch for DS (well maybe mashed swede with something but still..) and 2 packs of 6 sausage rolls for 20p each so that's quite a lot of -unhealthy i know but- lunches for DH.

I have now spent over half the budget for the month - £38.63 so will need to rein it all in more, but then I am stocked up for a week now - milk and bread should be all I need for at least a week and I'm not sure when I'll need those.

Tonight's dinner was mexican chicken couple of chicken breasts, tin of toms, handful of frozen peppers, couple of cloves of garlic and an onion, using all ingredients we already had in, so zero cost again. Also, there's a whole spare portion left so that's made the meat stretch out - well done DH who did the cooking!

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 09-Jan-13 20:57:29

Meh, sometimes unhealthy can be excused.

I love a good markdown.

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