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every time i go to sainsburys, at least 1 item that i buy regularly has gone up since the last time i was there....

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juicychops Sat 15-Dec-12 19:23:47

its getting bloody depressing now!!!

i know there are other cheaper shops but i dont have a car and sainsburys is within walking distance from my house. i hate doing it online as had so many problems before that its put me off for life - plus i don't get enough to get free delivery etc.

is this the same for most shops now? the mozarella cheese ball that i regularly buy has now gone up from 44p - 69p overnight, and the ham i buy has gone up 10p. the crisps i like have gone up 20p, and many other things are gradually creeping up too. Everything is going up in price except my salary!!

amillionyears Sun 06-Jan-13 19:13:39

I shop around as much as I can too.
Do people think the prices may have gone up recently because it is after Christmas?
Pourquomoi, I would be interested in a link please to the bit of

NorthernLurker Sun 06-Jan-13 19:15:08

I buy a big bag of spuds from the farm shop. Last year it was around £5-£6. Now it's £8.99 but still cheaper than buying that weight from a supermarket.

I use Waitrose a lot too. I do the quick check handset thing and scan as I go round which at least means I know how much I'm spending.

I think that which supermarket you're going to find cheapest really depends on what you're buying.

I love Waitrose, but as a vegetarian household a large proportion of our shopping is made up of fresh fruit & veg which is much more expensive (£/kg) in Waitrose than in Tesco (or Aldi, though their veg can be a bit hit and miss).

It's also worth being careful when using for comparison as it doesn't always conpare like for like, and won't hunt down special offers in the same manner that you would yourself online/in person.

sleepdodger Sun 06-Jan-13 19:32:22

It all stems from oil- cost at sources go up eg transport overheads all have to be paid for- unless you want the farmers to lose out- sainos waitrosr and m&s at Least pay fair prices...

amillionyears Sun 06-Jan-13 19:34:15

There have also been bad food harvests in various parts of the world, including the UK.

amillionyears Sun 06-Jan-13 19:35:52

And the world population is growing ever larger.
And some developing countries are eating better, such as China. Or they were up to 12 months ago.

Hassled Sun 06-Jan-13 19:39:56

I do think Sainsburys are taking the piss these days - and ironically the only way I know that is because of the little "this is how your much more/less your named brands would have cost elsewhere" vouchers they give you. When I got a £6.34 voucher back from a really quite small shop I lost patience, and after years of thinking "but what about the Nectar points?" have moved to Morrisons.

mam29 Mon 07-Jan-13 10:17:24

Hassled im same im fed up sainsburys they nearest large supermarket to us.

They have monoploy on our city even got local one up high street which is even more pricey makes co-op look cheap.

We bay and use buy lot of sainsburys basic lines. But its the value lines that keep shooting up the most.

Also found evidenceof price fixing

value fromage frais was 44p went up to 50 p in all big 4 at one point back down to 46p now.

The value baby wipes ere 23p all went to 46p morrisions, asda, tesco and sainsburys. Their baby bath shampoo used to be 9p should have bulk brought.

Sainsburys basic table pepper as 17p shot up to to 45p at one point noit sure if fallen again its mad value herbs stayed at 17p.

most rises are 10-20p and as its value its hard to downshift.

As for nectar we have to spend £500 to get £2.50back.
its not great value need to link to my ebay and use in other places.

Our sainsburys opposite lidls so trick was go in there first then anything couldent get we go sainsburys.

we radically changed shopping habits last few years.

we used to be loyal tesco until got too pricey and huge.
We tried asda hated it.
we then settled with lidls and sainsburys ith meat from butcher and reductions at co-op.

But last couple years.

doing morrisions more
odd waitrose order online as not one near us love essentials range
shopping for reduced more realy has helped.

recently returned to aldis live it and cant wait for new one near us to open will be shopping heaven as have lidls one sie, morrsions, aldis the new b&m cheapy shop round corner so hopefully can save that way.

I only do co-op for offers and reductions
spar for reductions

returning to tescos i think to do petrol and mil shop ,offers and reductions only for us as think clubcard poinst better hoping it funds family day out this year.Or new unifrom in september.

mam29 Mon 07-Jan-13 10:19:38

when i see live well for less ad want to throw something at tv,
The queues are bad as too many self service.
customer service not great in ours.
do like their clothes though but they declined recently and shrink.

Tesco upped prices so they can have price drop
asda will do same then do roll back.

They have to etsablish higher price so can then say its on sale.

all a big con. often bogoffs are higher in price then it was before.

mrscog Tue 08-Jan-13 21:22:44

Potatoes have gone up due to the 6 months of rain we had last year - most of them rotted in the fields.

Jdub Fri 11-Jan-13 16:41:05

I was in Waitrose today, and a single caramel or chocolate with cream topped dessert type thing that I used to buy for 50p two years ago, is now 79p. Before Christmas it was 75p. Suffice to say I haven't bought one in ages, but I love keeping an eye on something so small to see how its price is rising.

mrscog Fri 11-Jan-13 19:23:51

Those kind of things are probably more vulnerable to big price increases as they are not an essential, and are also the kind of thing you're likely to buy because you fancy a treat and you won't look at the price too much (unless its ridiculous) as you think 'oohh yes, I'd love one of those, what? 80p? ah well -- a desert in a restaurant would be £5' IYSWIM?

sleepdodger Fri 11-Jan-13 19:34:13

Look at the supermarket profits- not bad but not increasing at same rate as prices
Look at the government tax
Look at price of oil
Question whether you want decent British food or imported GM stuff
Question whether you want true arms or hell holes to work in dangerous conditions
Question whether you want farmers to be paid a LIVING wage
.... Now understand why food is going up in price

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