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I've messed up and only been here a month!

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Emmielu Sat 15-Dec-12 18:38:49

This is my first house ever. So im learning slowly but surely. But i've messed up badly. My building society told me they were cancelling my standing order to my landlord because i wanted it to come out 4 weekly and they dont do that they only do monthly, quaterly or yearly. I panicked since i recieved this letter the week before my rent was due to go out. So on the day the rent was due i moved my savings money into my current account and paid my rent. After that i thought i was in the clear and so went and did the final xmas shopping on wednesday. (spent about £40). On thursday i went to my online banking to move the money over to my new building society and the amount was -£525. I couldnt believe my eyes. How on earth had i gone from £220 on wednesday to -£525? So i looked back on my statement, i had made a single payment of my rent (£560) to my landlord on the 10th. On the 12th another payment of £560 was sent to my landlord again! But i didnt do it. So i called the bank and asked them where on earth did that come from and they said that because it was an standing order thats when its due to come out. I told her what the letter had said and she said there was no recollision of the letter being sent!

I hit the roof at this point. I asked her what i was meant to do because i cant get the money from my landlord cause it wasnt his fault. She said she'd fill in a form paying me back and apologised. I thanked her for filling in the form but asked what to do in the meantime because i have a bill that came out today. She advised me to cancel all direct debits and set them up in my new building account. So i have done that. Yesterday my dad got a call from my building society saying they wanted to talk to me. My dad gave them my number and said to call me after 4. I was at home from half 3. 8pm my phone rings and its my dad telling me they wanted to call me. They hadnt. So i called them this morning and was told theres nothing on my details that says who i spoke to, what the call was for and what the solution was! So this message couldnt be told to me. I now have to wait until monday for a call back but even then it might not be the message that i was meant to have. I have no money in my bank till wednesday and im bricking it! My friend took me shopping today and i spent £6 on meals that'll last me and dd 2 days. The rest will be beans on toast, spaghetti on toast and soup.

Im honestly really scared.

dishwashervodkaanddietirnbru Mon 17-Dec-12 19:47:12

Once you get the money back from the landlord, put it into the overdrawn account and then close it.

Emmielu Mon 17-Dec-12 20:07:27

will they allow me to pay back in installments?

Emmielu Mon 17-Dec-12 20:08:13

sorry to be such a dumb bum about all this but I've never done this kinda thing before or gone overdrawn ever so I've not been given advice on the best option if I do.

LIZS Mon 17-Dec-12 20:10:33

No pay it all off at once with the refund

Emmielu Mon 17-Dec-12 20:12:58

I feel really ashamed now. it's basically common sense isn't it. blush

DancingInTheMoonlight Tue 18-Dec-12 15:18:55

You should be proud you were brave enough to ask for help before you got yourself in a bigger mess.

Emmielu Wed 19-Dec-12 16:35:17

Another update: Spoke to them again on the phone yesterday, the man called David tried to make the overdraft my fault. He told me that i had made the 2nd payment, that i should have been keeping a close eye on my financial bills and that i should have put an overdraft on my account and in his words "you need to put an overdraft on because you've made yourself this way" YOU took the money out of MY account WITHOUT my consent and YOU made me overdrawn because my account isnt meant to have a overdraft so its now a unauthorised overdraft.

I went to my mums today to use her laptop and check how overdrawn i was because David also said it was £506 not £560. There is now no account on there. At all. Yesterday when i went to check my balance in a cash machine, it said my card was detained and it wouldnt give it back. So now i have no card and apparently according to online banking with nationwide, no account either. :S

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