How do I work out how much it costs to run the central heating for an hour?

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DoITellTheTeacher Wed 12-Dec-12 19:31:29

Am trying to keep the heating off as much as possible and have invested in an oil fired rad for when we are in the main room during the day - but I'm interested to know what the difference would be between having the central heating on.

Have 8 radiators in the house in total. No overall thermostat but each rad has a thermostat on it.

Any ideas how to work out the cost? I know how much my gas costs per kwh, but don't know how to work out how many kw's my central heating will cost to run?

Just trying to judge whether we can have the central heating on a bit more especially with this cold snap.


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sparklingwine Wed 12-Dec-12 19:35:25

Can't you read your meter, then run hearing for 1 hour, then read meter again. That would tell you how much gas you'd used. You'd have to then use a calculation (I think it might be on your bill) which converts the units used to kwh or price or something...
However, all that would only tell you that hour. If the house was colder eg at night, theboiler would fire up more often, and use more gas.

sparklingwine Wed 12-Dec-12 19:37:58

Run heating, not run hearing!
PS you need pigletjohn he is the true fount of knowledge about plumbing/ heating on MN.
If you don't get any better advice, try posting with his name in title...

DoITellTheTeacher Wed 12-Dec-12 19:53:03

of course! clearly I have lost my brain today - that would give me a good estimate. will investigate tomorrow!
and yes - pigletjohn gives great advice!

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