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Re-prioritise for me I need help to change my budget for next year.

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2006hildy Sat 17-Nov-12 02:33:49

Council tax - £121
Boys X 2 - £77.38 anything they have wanted mostly toys
Car - £232.17 inc breakdown, insurance, diesal
Clothes - £46.66 boys and me
Coal - £52.16 we have electric as well
Entertainment - £60.73 annual subscriptions, tv licence, going out
Food - £427.51 inc coffees, takeaways and restaurants
Home - £117 inc window cleaning, cleaning and gardening
Lotto - £14.66
Me - £67.04 inc hair, make-up, weightwatchers, magazines, dental work
Miscellaneous - £142.38 don’t know what goes in here and cashpoint
Pension - £25.55
Dog - £36.27 inc insurance, food, flee and worming treatment, kennel fees
Xmas - £23.77

As always cutting back not cutting out.

vitaminC Sat 15-Dec-12 11:19:53

You've got some great advice on this thread and I'm taking notes!

What I would suggest is that you don't cut out all the fun, relaxing pleasures completely, but budget for them. Allow, say £50/month for a takeaway or meal out. You'll probably get more out of it, too, if it's a treat you look forward to, rather than just a spur-of-the-moment thing...

Oh, and if you limit the eating out/drinking starbucks etc, and start doing the cleaning and gardening yourself, you probably won't need the weightwatchers anymore ;)

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