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1 year challenge to clear debts

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IwanabeDebtFREE Thu 08-Nov-12 12:02:33

I owe 25K on a mixture of credit cards and an overdaft. I want to clear this in one year.

I have started some changes, food shopping/packed lunches which will save me at least 4000 alone.

I have listed out the debts with highest interest rate ones to be tackled first and am going to use snowball technique.

I am owed some PPI which I will repay debt with.

I have surrendered an insurance policy this morning which is uneccesary which I can get 4000 for

Going to Ebay and sell gold.

wish me luck the challenge begins and anyone else wish to join me welcome

Mum2Fergus Sat 26-Jan-13 18:58:37

Hi Trinity...Id definitely target anything interest bearing first...and maybe then the CC, you want rid of that before interest kicks in...

Ikeameatballs Sat 26-Jan-13 19:20:01

How can I work out what to do about my car finance? I have worked out that approx £60/month of the repayment is interest. Will I be better off trying to pay it off with a credit card on a 0% deal and then hoping that each time I need to switch I can do so onto another 0%? How will I work out costs on that if I assume I need to pay 3% each time I switch card deals ???? [head explodes confused

createacard Fri 01-Feb-13 18:44:32

Hi everyone, I am new to mumsnet so just take a browse around the site. What a great thread this one is. I too have some debts I would like to clear. I use my bike when ever I can, although I'm limited a bit as I live out in a village. I use my woodburner as much as possible in place of my heating and I also have one of those monitors that tells you how much electricity you use and I make sure everything is switched off before I go to bed. I have three ventures up and running, one is with an online greetings card company called SendOutCards which I have enjoyed doing for a year now and recently with Fm perfumes and cosmetics. I also had a friend of mine show me last summer an opportunity with Banners Broker. If my spread sheet is correct I will be debt free by the summer, after that I intend to overpay on my mortgate. In the meantime I will stay fit using my bike.

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