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Aldi vs Lidl

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Helenagrace Fri 02-Nov-12 08:34:25

Currently we have an Aldi near our home but not a Lidl. We move next month and the nearest Aldi will be about 10 miles away. There is, however, a Lidl near our new house.

Are they roughly the same price-wise? What's
Lidl's quality like? Anything good in Lidl?

Trying to decide if a 20 mile round trip is worth it once a month.

cozietoesie Fri 02-Nov-12 10:27:59

Depends what your normal shopping list is like, I think.

I'm in the same situation as you'll be in - modest sized LIDL closer than modest sized Aldi. I pop into Aldi when I'm up by them for any reason but LIDL I use all the time - in addition to Sainsbury's Home Delivery for the heavier stuff.

On a limited sample, I've found LIDL's prices to be very slightly higher than Aldi's but their quality to be a lot better on things like Cooked Meats and Delicatessen (look out for the Dulano brand) dairy produce (look out for the Milbona brand) and their tinned and bottled goods. Much of their produce is from the continent and it's generally excellent value and quality.

They don't have the range of goods that another supermarket might have but there are also some things I go to them specifically to buy, and not just because they're cheaper eg

Red grapes - I don't know who their buyer is but they should get a medal
Cottage Cheese - Best on the market - and dirt cheap
Cream cheese with garlic and herbs - ditto
Mister Choc Chocolate Raisins - cheap and a great quick nibble when you feel like chocolate (just a handful will satisfy the craving)
Dulano pepper salami (and other Dulano and continental cooked meats)
Clumping Cat Litter
Personal care
Ice Cream
Vegetables and fruit as needed - I've found them to be fine

and so on.

I'd be a bit careful, though, with household laundry and cleaning goods etc. I've not found them to be good value at all. I've never tried their raw meats.

All you can do, really, is go there and have a mooch round. As always in a new place just buy one or two of things so that you can test them at home. It won't amount to much anyway.

(They have weekend specials so best to go there on a Saturday if possible.)

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 02-Nov-12 17:12:08

I've got both of them literally half a mile apart, I prefer Aldi though. I find them cheaper.

serin Sat 03-Nov-12 21:31:40

We have both nearby. Not sure if our Lidl is unusual, or just very badly managed but it is awful. Fruit and veg way past its best, loads of empty isles down the middle where the 'specials' should be and a love affair with artificial sweetener! the potato salad tastes like it is covered in custard it's so sweet ditto the pickled beetroot. Just about the only things i like are 250ml cartons of orange juice for the kids to take to school and the tinned butter/cannelini beans.

The only fault that I have with Aldi is that it doesn't sell risotto rice, and the small packets of flavoured risotto that apperred this week does not qualify angry

DorisIsWaiting Sat 03-Nov-12 21:42:14

Serin you do seem to have an outstandingly bad Lidl ours is nothing like that (Aldi is miles away so I can't compare the 2). I love Lidl and have reduced our shopping bill massivly from an exclusively tesco based shop.

cozietoesie Sun 04-Nov-12 07:48:27

I'd agree, serin. Ours is modest in size but nothing like that. Sure, there are some things that are not as good as other brands (I hear what the adverts and the consumer reports say about mayo for instance but I've tried both Aldi and LIDL cheap mayo and have gone back fast to Helman's - which the Co-op are currently selling at half price!)

Perhaps keep an eye on it and see if they up their game? (It may be that they're on the slide in that location, though, so have stopped bothering and the store will close.)

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 04-Nov-12 07:58:24

My Aldi has had risotto rice in but homebargains do it too for about 80p a bag.

FannieMaeButFreddieWont Sun 04-Nov-12 08:15:16

I have both nearby and I prefer Aldi, they are a little cheaper and seem more consistent with what they have in each week. I do go to Lidl though, been recently to see.the Christmas things and got some nice chocs and bits.
Usually I do Aldi and then have a Lidl week when fancy a change.
I your position I'd shop in Lidl, any price difference would be swallowed up in petrol going to Aldi.

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